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Volume III, Issue # 43, December 15, 2001
Dr. Almon Leroy Way, Jr., Editor

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By Edith Hakola

Like millions of other Americans, I lived through the horror of September, 11, 2001, watching two of our greatest buildings destroyed, the Pentagon itself smashed, and thousands of Americans murdered. Like most Americans, I support whatever it takes to catch the terrorists who planned and committed these atrocities.

But I'm concerned that, despite our military campaign and all the bombs and missiles we drop or fire at the terrorist bases, we're still missing what's important.

The blunt truth is that the people who committed these attacks were aliens who entered the country on visas, in most cases legally. In the days and weeks that followed the attacks, the FBI arrested nearly 350 aliens inside this country who are suspected of having been involved in some way with the terrorist plot.

What's really frightening is that untold hundreds or thousands more just like them may already be here, preparing to strike again.

In recent years, we've allowed so many immigrants into this country that we have no idea who belongs here and who doesn't, or where they are or how to locate them.

But right now, with your help, we have a real opportunity to correct this. That's the point of this message.

Americans are concerned as never before about the mass immigration flooding our country.

And that concern is justified.

Just think about the anthrax scare in recent weeks. Innocent civilians, media employees, and postal clerks struck down by nameless terrorists. We don't know who sent the germs through the mail, and that's the scary part.

Just recently, U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft said that, despite the hundreds of aliens arested after September 11 attacks, there remain hundreds more who are still at large, and nobody knows where they are or how to find them.

One reason they are able to hide from the police is that they can vanish into the large immigrant communities that mass immigration has brought into being.

Take just one example: the city of Patterson, New Jersey, where at least four of the September 11 hijackers actually lived.

The New York Times reported of September 27 that Patterson had become the perfect hiding place for immigrants who want to hurt our country.

"In this neighborhood of Latinos, African-Americans, and recent immigrants speaking dozens of languages, the New York Times reported, "the handful of young Arab men who came and went drew almost no notice. In their apartment above a bodega, they did not play loud music. They appeared not to speak English."

The area was "one of several East Coast staging areas for the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon," and the "hijackers' stay here also shows how, in an area that speaks many languages and keeps absorbing immigrants, a few young men with no apparent means of support and no furniture can settle in for months without drawing attention."

Patterson's mayor notes, "We have 72 identifiable nationalities here., 170,000 people in eight square miles. With a lot of different folks moving in and out the city, unless you raise a ruckus, you could live here for a while without anyone noticing."

Now you can see the real problem. There are thousands of communities just like Patterson all over the United States, thanks to mass immigration.

Not all immigrants are terrorists, of course, but those that are can use the others to conceal themselves and their activities. They can move among them without attracting suspicion or notice. They can communicate with each other in Arabic or other foreign languages that most Americans would not even recognize.

And they can make their plans for the next strike at the very nation that was generous enough to let them in.

I am deeply concerned, and with your help, I'm determined to do something about it.

Before September 11, many politicians were blind to the threat that mass immigration represents. But since then, some have started to wake up.

U.S. Representative Tom Tancredo, Republican of Colorado, for example, has long been a stalwart foe of mass immigration. He says the climate on Capitol Hill is beginning to change.

"We are winning," he recently told the Washington Post, "That is different." The U.S. House Immigration Caucus, which is made up of congressmen of both parties who are concerned about immigration, has more than tripled since September 11.

The Washington Post announced: "Suddenly there is talk on Capitol Hill about the need to tighten borders, just the opposite of [Mexican President] Fox's longterm dream of more open border crossings.... Now the discussion is on keeping more foreigners out, not letting more Mexicans in."

And U.S. Vice President Cheney sees the problem clearly. In a recent interview, he said:

      "We're probably going to have to be stiffer on immigration and do a
      better job, for example, managing the [Immigration and Naturalization
This movement for change is encouraging, but policy makers need to understand the real solution.

That's why your help is so important now.

There are still many in the powerful "open borders lobby" who want to keep mass immigration coming, despite the danger to our country.

They're trying to cut a deal by offering to tighten up on visa security, making sure that known terrorists don't get into the country undetected, and tracking foreign visitors once they've arrived.

Those suggestions are fine. We need to know who's coming here, and why, and how to find them. But the measures suggested just don't go far enough.

In the first place, there are some 30 million visas granted to foreign visitors to this country every year, up from 12 million in 1981.

It would take an army--or more than one--to track that many people. We can't protect America that way. We must take real action.

We don't need any more "deals" that sell out America's security--not after the mass murders of September 11. We must act to make certain that kind of attack on our country never happens again.

What we need to do is limit the number of people who come here, not the tourists, businessmen, and students who come for legitimate reasons, but the millions of people who come here as immigrants and who don't intend ever to leave.

It's these vast numbers of unassimilated immigrants who create the conditions in places like Patterson, N.J., where real terrorists can live, operate, and hide indefinitely.

It's these large communities which make it so difficult for the FBI and the police to track down the hundreds of missing suspects still at large.

The Washington Post, for example, reported that "boxes of evidence have piled up, in previous terrorist plots, but the FBI has not had translators to decipher them. It lacks Arab-speaking agents who can penetrate terrorist cells and has too few veterans who see connections among foreign suspects and far-flung sites."

Only through real reform, which restricts immigration, can we protect our country.

That's the reason for this message.

At the Center for American Unity, we're making other Americans aware of the many problems and dangers that mass immigration represents and persuading them to do something about it.

Our internet magazine, the Unity Review (online, makes the case against uncontrolled immigration and gets out the facts and arguments about what immigration is really doing to our country.

The Unity Review is edited by the Center's President, Peter Brimelow, author of the definitive book, Alien Nation: Common Sense About America's Immigration Disaster, which the New York Times called "the benchmark case against immigration." National Review has acknowledged Peter as "the chief intellectual force" behind immigration reform in the United States.

But Peter is not alone in his fight to make Americans aware of the truth about immigration. At the Unity Review, he's bringing many of the best writers in the world together to present their ideas and research.

They're reaching our policy makers and the opinion shapers in the daily press and radio and television to make them aware of what mass immigration, legal and illegal, is really doing to our country.

But we need your help. We need your support to help the Center for American Unity make the Unity Review an even more powerful force in exposing the truth about immigration.

This is a big and expensive project. To be really effective, my goal is to raise $110,000 to reach millions of Americans--and those special people who can make a difference--now.

To defend our country, we must have the resources to make the Unity Review a strong competitor to the establishment news media.

If we don't, the advocates of mass immigration will deceive the American people with false "solutions" that sell out America's national security and unity.

Time is crucial. Already the establishment news media are renewing their calls for amnesty for illegal aliens and their advocacy of open borders with Mexico. The Washington Post, November 26, advocated just such an amnesty for illegal aliens and an open-borders policy with Mexico.

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Edith Hakola is Executive Vice President of the Center for American Unity, a non-profit charitable and educational foundation. The Center's mailing address is as follows: 29 South Chestnut Street, P.O. Box 910, Warrenton, Virginia, 20188.

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