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Volume IV, Issue # 109, September 20, 2002
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By Ray Thomas

Some of the lily-livered Democrats, Liberals, and other Leftists still want to "appease" the scumbags who killed almost three thousand innocent people in the World Trade Center and Pentagon bombings. I'm amazed to still hear words like: "Violence begets more violence,"and "They hate us because of our foreign policy." This goes beyond ignorance and stupidity to political ideology and dogmatism, since these people are willfully determined never learn that there is only one way to end violence and that is to make those visiting violence upon us no longer able to continue. Remember, ignorance is lack of knowledge and stupidity is inability to acquire knowledge, while persons aflicted by ideology and dogmatism willfully blind themselves to the truth, refusing to accept or acquire knowledge that does not support their ideological premises and stubbonly continuing to act on the basis of their severely incapacitating ignorance, which is nourished and sustained by their ideology and dogmatism.

On October, 2001, David Pryce-Jones, in National Review, said: "After the time it takes to guess the attacker's commanders, which should not be long, those commanders, and their allies and patrons, should be burried and paved over."


Some people are actually worried that the Al-Qa'ida might win a war with us. This is major cowardliness and ideological wrong-headedness. We are dealing with a primitive theocracy that wouldn't know what to do with modern weapons. It is one where its "soldiers" (suicide bombers) learn how to keep an airplane in the air, but do not know how to land it and, especially, do not know how to build one. They have to steal one from us in order to use it as a guided missile. They don't hate us becausee of anything we did; they hate us but because of what we are, because we are better than they are. We're richer because we know how to do the things that the free and prosperous people of an advanced, civilized society do. Our standard of living is better because we know the value of knowledge and its application. They're jealous of that and want to hurt us for it.

"Hate begins here, in the flagrant injustice and violence of (their) daily life, in the corruption of the rich and the mindless poverty of the poor, in the absence of proper social mechanisms to do anything about it. And who is responsible for this? It requires a rather special character to be able to lay the blame for social failure where it properly belongs, on the people who comprise one's own society. Much easier, more satisfying, to blame everybody except oneself." (National Review)

If someone murdered your sister and threatened to do the same to the rest of your family, would you merely try to "negotiate" with him to get him to stop? Then when he murders several other family members, would you not then kill him to ensure that he will stop? Israel is doing what it takes to end the violence perpetrated by Palestinian terrorists (which are simply an offshoot of the Islamic terror movement). I don't agree with all the things the Israeli are doing, but one thing is sure: Palestinian terrorists who are dead will do no more harm. If their family members go on a "revenge mission," kill them, too. Destroy what means something to their families when those families express approval of their actions and attempt to teach their children to be suicide bombers, especially anything they buy with money paid to them by Saudi Arabia or Iraq, or by any other country that thinks it can support terrorism and get away with it. Then go in and destroy the rulers of the countries that brazenly support them.

"Like the temples of Rome sacked by the barbarians, or the Greenwich Observatory that was the target of anarchists in Joseph Conrad's Secret Agent, our national headquarters and totems excite the fear and wrath of those in the world who feel themselves shortchanged." (National Review)

Islam harbors a fundamentalist strain of the Muslim religion. It is a minority even in the Middle East, and an even smaller minority worldwide. But those are the ones who hate us the most for our success and they have spent many years indoctrinating the average Islamic citizen with their lies, just as the power seekers in this country have spent many years indoctrinating our people. That's why we see pictures of Islamic people "dancing in the streets" when our people die.

"They danced in the streets of West Bank towns when they heard the news (of 9/11). They danced in parts of Lebanon. In Baghdad, state television played a song called 'Down with America' as the World Trade Center towers collapsed. To these and their kind, the fact that many innocent people far away were killed is cause for rejoicing. They are possessed by hate, a simple thing that reduces everything and everybody to a simple perspective. 'Our tribe good, destined for victory; their tribe bad, destined for destruction.' " They dance in the streets because of what they've been taught by their rulers, who have been conditioning them for hundreds of years to hate anybody who is not Islamic and who is doing better than they are--which is, because of their ignorance and their ideological and cultural blindness, almost everybody.

Yes, there are Islamics who don't "dance in the streets." They are mostly the educated Islamic people--a fact which proves, yet again, that educated people are better able to resist the conditioning under which they are raised and even rise above it. These people should be respected and admired because they have been subjected to the same conditioning efforts and didn't buy it. They should not be attacked, just because they are Muslim, no more than Japanese-Americans should have been put in "internment camps" for the duration of World War II just because they were of Japanese extraction.

We did the right thing in Afghanistan. We went to the source of Osama bin Laden's power and destroyed his power base. Yes, we killed some innocent people in the process, but have you ever known a war where innocent people weren't killed? This is especially true where our enemies make sure of it by hiding among innocent people. They live in their neighborhoods, put their installations right next to hospitals, park their obvious military vehicles outside, and play the "innocent victim of American aggression" card every time some of them were killed. Doing that is little better than tying Islamic children to the front of their attack vehicles to make us hesitate as they attack.

People are still saying that we should not attack the terrorist power bases because we "have no proof" of their involvement. But we do have the proof. We're just not talking about it.

Iraq is known to be giving $25,000 to the families of each murderer who blows up innocent people in Israel. Saudi Arabia had a telethon recently where they collected millions of dollars for the same purpose. To me, this means that Iraq and Saudi Arabia are subject to being attacked, and the regimes running things destroyed, just as we had to do in Afghanistan. This will disrupt their power base, even if it does not destroy them physically. Like rats, many will always survive an extermination, and these are noisy rats, who tell us all about how they're going to defeat us, shouting their imprecations over their shoulders while they "run for the hills.

They have committed an act of war and need to be met accordingly. They have demanded a test of strength while they have no strength. To hell with those who criticize us for "going after a mouse with a Howitzer." We must destroy these people, "root and branch," wherever they may be found, just as we do the rat population of old buildings. They hate us, they want to kill us, and we must emasculate them and make them unable to wage any kind of war against us, or they will be back, time after time, hitting us where we least expect it. They're experts at finding weak spots. They don't think they can win. In this, they're right. But they can harass us and "nibble at us" forever if we don't massively retaliate and kill as many of them as we can. In particuler, we must kill their leaders

Somebody once said: "The poor will always be with us." I will paraphrase them and say: "Islamic terrorists will always be with us." That's because they are not a recognized country and we don't know where they can all be found. We can't just go in and "bomb them back to the stone age" because that, for them, would be an improvement. They can hide in their caves and harass us forever, since they do not fear death. Their leaders have them convinced that death is better than the crappy lives they lead now. This is the way they control them. We can only kill them when and wherever we find them. As we do with other vermin, we must kill the Islamic terrorists who attack us, hoping that, by so doing, we can demoralize them, or at least reduce their numbers.

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August 25, 2002

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