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Volume IV, Issue # 112, September 27, 2002
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By Marti Stapp Linder

As the midterm elections draw nearer, I am keeping an eye on the Liberal media for good reason. Although many of them claim they are not biased, every poll shows that the majority of the political pundits, journalists, and television newscasters admit to being registered Democrats. I've often wondered why so many "media types" are Democrats, so much so that they consciously and unconsciously promote the Party line. The fact remains that they do this all the time, and we must write to the various media to let them know we expect to receive straight and honest news reports with no Leftwing censorship or bias.

I have also noticed that many of the of the notable television personalities (when interviewed by other "talking heads") seem to so intensely dislike Conservatives that their distaste apparently verges on fear. Why do they feel that way? After all, these are intelligent people, so they must realize that Republicans, Independents who veer a bit to right, and others who hold Conservative views are not all the same. Still, they often present Pat Robertson as representative of all our views, and that's just plain silly. Those people are smart enough to know better than to lump all of us who disagree with them into one basket.

Here's an illustration of the type of invective the more radical "Conservative Haters" spew when cornered:

***** Inside Cover Story

Wednesday, Aug. 21, 2002 9:41 p.m. EDT
Carville in 'G-d D--n' TV Meltdown

Clinton bullyboy James Carville flew into an onscreen rage Tuesday night during a "Crossfire" debate with Concerned Women of America's Sandy Rios, who had the Agin' Cajun so steamed that he twice violated FCC rules against using foul language on TV.

Defending Muslims against the Rev. Franklin Graham's contention that they haven't been outspoken enough in condemning the 9-11 attacks, Carville exploded in a table pounding fit.

"People in these mosques in this country who are praying, who are working, who are good Americans, who pay taxes here, they're not evil people!" Carville shrieked at Rios. "They're good people!! And for you to suggest that and Franklin Graham to suggest that is just wrong, G-d d--n it, it is wrong!!!"

Not content with offending Judeo-Christian sensibilities, a few moments later the Clinton knee-capper turned scatological. "What offends me is that people expect me to hate Muslims because some a--holes, some criminals, ran [into] a building," the top Democrat barked.

Despite the Clintonista's meltdown, Rios refused to be cowed, and instead goaded Carville for blowing a gasket.

"James, you're dripping. You're drooling," she told the foaming-at-the-mouth host. "I'm sorry to irritate you. The truth is hard to take."

It's obvious to me that Liberals hate Conservatives so much that they habitually resort to lying to promote their concepts. Liberal rationalizations parallel those of Machiavelli, who wrote "The end makes the means honorable, and moral men believe this." It's fascinating to catch them perverting the news to fit their Leftwing agenda. They indulge in skewing the news with lies of omission (by quashing news that is counter to their agenda) as well as overt lying.

For quite a while, the intensity of Liberal hatred for Conservatives puzzled me. Not any more. Now, I "get it." I see several powerful motivations for their overt dislike of Conservatives. On a fundamental level, I think we intimidate them because we threaten to undermine their partisan theories, which they cling to from cradle to grave, never mind any facts that run counter to their notions. On another level, I believe that indoctrination may count even more.

I may be wrong, but here's what I perceive to be the typical Leftwing Liberal mindset:

(1) Labor unions are for the workers and big business and industry exploit their employees. No amount of "feel good" policies, including pregnancy leaves, extended sick leaves with pay, insurance benefits, exercise rooms, child care, and all the rest of employee perks instituted by the companies the employees work for is going to induce Leftwing Liberals to change their ideologically closed minds. This is too much of a "family tradition" to change. Those particular Leftwing Liberal minds are set in stone.

(2) As for further Leftwing indoctrination, the sneering Leftist university and college professors have taught their tender, naive protégés to scorn our own past. The centuries old facts about our offenses against Amerindians (American Indians) are exaggerated, while the far newer facts about our triumphs against oppression are ignored. There is also another fact they brush aside:   We won, the Amerindians lost. The "Indian Wars" occurred in a different era that has little to do with current world politics. When it comes to speaking about "the bad old past," I do NOT hear the Liberals screeching about the abysmal treatment of the aborigines in Australia or the dead-to-almost-nonexistent Amerindian tribes in Costa Rica. Do you?

How about praise for America now? How about discussing the fact that America interdicts genocide around the world every time we have the opportunity and are invited to do so by foreign nations? I don't hear about the Liberals teaching that in our schools.

As for World War II? Our conquered enemies, including Italy (for a time), Germany, Austria and Japan owe us for the prosperity they now enjoy.

(3) It would be too easy to merely state that Leftwing professors skew American history, although it is easy to prove that they do it often. The true information is "out there" for all but the terminally lazy, spoon-fed last rate minds to find. Let's face it. Our educational system guarantees that the past couple of generations will credulously believe every- thing they read. They have been indoctrinated to accept whatever fits the Leftwing agenda. Like bad cops tailoring the evidence to finger a chosen perpetrator, their teachers adapt, filter and distort educational material to fit their preconceived misperceptions.

(4) Now we have to consider that it's difficult for anyone to say, "I was wrong." It's against human nature to admit being either incorrect or misinformed. We watch those who are wrong cover their buttocks to hide the truth all the time, with Bill Clinton being "the leader of the liars" when caught in wrongdoing. Those who cling to failed ideals and failed "experiments" and who possess minds too small to consider "rethinking" their premises will always remain the "great excuse makers". Change their minds about anything? Of course not. That would take more reason and logic than they possess.

(5) Most Leftwing Liberals live in the so-called "blue states," those bastions of radical- ism on the left and right coasts of America--localities where everyone thinks (or is expected to think) the same. To hold beliefs counter to one's contemporaries requires guts. It's far easier to run with the mindless pack of lemmings than it is to openly rebel against the "herd simplex" of Democratic mob rule.

Bad habits are hard to break and worshipping at the Democratic altar seems one of the hardest of all habits to sever. Hence, the excusers for the inexcusable keep on skewing the news in attempt to pervert the will of the people. We've let them know that "political correctness" is laughable, that teaching small children the wrong ideas about homosexuality in our public schools borders on child abuse, that the words "Under God" belong in our Pledge of Allegiance, and that "blaming America" is insane when it comes to defending demented murderer-bombers. We are letting them know that phony ecology is to blame for America burning and we are not going to take it anymore. We have let them know that President Bush is the President of ALL Americans and not the "boogie-man" they assert that he is. We are letting them know, despite their efforts to ignore us and hush our voices, that we think they are nutty to keep on trusting the words of admitted liars and thieves.

Democrats by habit? Why not become Independents, Conservatives or Republicans by choice? Would it be asking too much of those who have refused to ponder the obvious to reconsider their rationale for clinging to their old, tired bad habits?

There is hope on our horizon. Many habitual Democrats are finally acknowledging that a gaggle of Leftwing Socialists have overtaken the Party. As kooky Liberal lawsuits proliferate and social engineering and political indoctrination substitutes for education, we can only hope the saner and more pragmatic people who have always voted for the Democrats will rethink their blind Party loyalty, or flee the Democratic Party altogether. After all, many Democrats voted against Cynthia McKinney and a large number of them continue to express admiration for President Bush in every current poll. When it comes to changing minds, it seems to me that the Lefting Liberals who keep twisting facts and spewing abuse are our "new best friends." They make the case for changing party affiliation far better than we could without their help.

Thanks Liberals for your hate-filled invective and for skewing the news on your "pet" television channels. You are making all Americans skeptical of your motives and appalled by your tactics.

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Copyright 2002 Marti Stapp

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August 26, 2002

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