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Volume IV, Issue # 113, September 28, 2002
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By Anthony C. LoBaido

What does Africa need? The "Sustainable Development" crowd hailing NEPAD, or "The New Economic Program for Africa's Development" certainly don't have a clue. Here in Johannes- burg, South Africa, the United Nations elites, from August 26 to September 4, held their Rio Plus 10 "Sustainable Development Conference." It was a high-profile meeting aimed at limiting human freedom in their quest for an Orwellian-style, eco-"friendly," quasi- Marxist, utopian dream world that will never exist, work, or succeed in either theory or reality.

And the saddest part is, the issues that needed most to be addressed weren't even considered by the transnational elite. It's not that these people don't know the real issues. It's the fact that the internationalist elites as well as the Leftist university graduates and poorest of the poor who have protested in the streets of Johannesburg, Davos, and Seattle CAN'T know them. Truth is alien to them.

Their minds have been destroyed by the lies and propaganda pushed by the U.N., the American teacher's unions, corporate fascists, wacko environmentalists, MTV, abor- tionists, the U.S. State Department, British transnational concerns, CFR, the Ford Foundation, warmed-over Marxists, and pseudoscientific fear-peddlers.

Still, the truth is "out there." Let's talk some truth here. Turning Africa around won't be easy.

To begin with, Africa needs to rid itself of its Black racist and egomaniacal dictators, corporate raiders, radical Marxists, Islamic jihadists, and mercenary armies.

Africa needs to realize that the street protesters in Davos and Seattle are comprised mostly of bored, out of shape, MTV-raised, middle class White kids from privileged backgrounds who have no idea about what the average African needs and wants. Furthermore, they haven't the foggiest idea of what human freedom really means.

Africa needs the Islamic regime in Khartoum to stop its killing of black African Christians in South Sudan, an ethnic-cleansing program that has resulted in more than two million dead since 1993. (Where was former U.S. President Bill Clinton on this issue? Perhaps he was too busy with his cigars and sex escapades in the White House.) The Khartoum regime's scorched-Earth policies, human slavery, and forced conversion to Islam must come to an end.

Iraq's role in killing South Sudanese Christians must be exposed and opposed by the West and by Christian regimes in Africa, including Rwanda and Uganda. Khartoum's actions show the real face of radical Islamic jihad in Africa, and this should be pointed out and emphasized by Western leaders, political correctness be damned. Since Madeline Half-Bright told the West, "the human rights situation in Sudan is not marketable to Americans," South Africa should send its Christian troops and volunteers to train and arm the South Sudanese Christians. No doubt, the Marxist South African President Thabo Mbeki wouldn't even consider this idea.

Yet many White former Special Forces members of the ex-South African Defense Forces (SADF) would volunteer to help the South Sudanese. Cape Town-based missionary Peter Hammond is but one star-like example. More than a few Zulus would head for Sudan as well. Can't forget other tribes like the Nbele. All one needs to do is ask them. And where are the Executive Outcomes and Sandline mercenaries vis a vis Sudan? Are they on the side of Khartoum? I wonder what the British military leaders of yesteryear would think? Gordon must be turning in his grave. What about the French Foreign Legion? The Pope? Can't anyone help South Sudan?

Africa needs DeBeers' diamond pirates to stop trying to buy off the Communist SWAPO regime in Namibia. How hypocritical that super capitalists and devout Marxists should work hand in hand while so many go without their basic needs being met.

Africa needs to stop Communist China from colonizing the continent, as mass extinction is no stranger to the Maoists in Beijing. Africans should question China's role in Sudan's oil fields and its hi-tech space facility near Swakopmund, Namibia. Then there is the question of China's gross violations of human rights entailing political and religious dissidents being sent to work in slave-labor logai gulags. Do Africans, or anyone for that matter, think that the Karmic Wheel won't turn against them when they accept Chinese imports stained with the blood and tears of so many innocents?

Africa needs to give up the weapons of mass destruction it is hiding in Sudan, Libya, and Algeria for Iraq's ruling regime.

Africa needs to stop sending its children to dig and sometimes drown in tunnels in an effort to mine Tanzanite gems. The West needs to boycott them.

Africa needs to fess up to just who exactly killed Jonas Savimbi--and why--while the MPLA mortgaged the natural resources of Angola to the hilt to Western corporations and mercenaries?

Africa needs to admit that Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe has White "angels" backing him in the UK. The West needs to shut down Mugabe's bank holdings overseas in places like the Bahamas and the Isle of Man. Who are these white angels of Mugabe and what is their real agenda? Africa needs to ask why British leader Tony Blair sends British troops to guard diamond mines in Sierra Leone--owned by wealthy White British businessmen--while failing to dispatch troops to Zimbabwe? In fact the British Army went into Sierra Leone just after Executive Outcomes pulled out. What a coincidence, huh?!

Africa needs to face the fact that its famines are man-made, from Ethiopia (because of Soviet intervention), Zimbabwe (because of Mugabe's anti-White farm cleansing), and Malawi (because the World Bank told Malawi to sell of all its grain reserves). Perhaps the battle between America and Europe over genetically engineered foods (GE) can be blamed on the current famine in Malawi. Yes, famine has been manufactured in South Africa. Yes America is sending Africa/Zimbabwe GE foods as "famine relief." Yes, we all know that Europe is against GE foods.Yes, America wants GE foods to be accepted in Africa to set a standard in the coming showdown with Europe before the decision makers at the World Trade Organization. Yes, this is all quite ugly. Yes, it is the White Zimbabwean farmers who have been the pawns in this game of genetically engineered foods.

Welcome to the "Brave New World." You want Breaker Morant and you wind up getting Soylent Green.

Africa needs to stop believing the pseudo-non-scientific lies promoted by doomsday scenario advocates in the West.

To begin with, the world is NOT overpopulated. More than 97 percent of the land surface on Earth is empty. Just get in a plane and fly over Siberia, Alaska, Canada, America, and Australia. Yes, certain cities are overpopulated, of course. Yet the entire population of the world could fit inside the state of Arkansas. So then how is the world "overpopulated?" Europe and Japan will be facing under population crises in the coming decades, even according to U.N. studies on population.

Africa needs to realize that cultures that worship nature tend towards human sacrifice. See the Mayans of Central America, as an example. Or see Nazi Germany. The "overpopulation lie" is pure propaganda, aimed at eliminating large numbers of babies, all in the name of science, medical research, and improving human health

Dr. Mengele would be proud.

Secondly, the world throws away enough food to feed countless mouths. Argentina, if farmed properly could most likely feed the entire world's population. Koreans are very keen gardeners. So, why is South Korea flooded with food, while North Koreans only 50 miles north of Seoul eat bugs and the roots of trees? It's Stalinism stupid! From Laos to Cuba to the Ukraine, Marxists create food shortages through their misguided collectivist policies and through lack of support for agriculture, while spending money on arms.

Thirdly, that volcano that erupted in the Philippines some years ago released more "dangerous" gasses into the atmosphere than all of the automobiles and factories in human history combined. So, how can mankind possibly "change" the environment with anti-air pollution treaties, no matter how well-intentioned, when nature is always ready to show up just how small we are? When I was a boy in the 1970's, I remember being bombarded with the doom and gloom of the "coming ice age and famine."

Well, it was all a big lie. Al Gore's mentor Paul Erlich, the leading promoter of this view, was exposed as a fraud. Erlich wrote The Population Bomb in the late 1960's and said the world would run out of food by 1977. Now all we hear about is "global warming." Well let me tell you, last May in New York the temperature got down to 39 degrees F. Water freezes at 32 degrees F. So, where is the global warming? What's next, the global "lukewarm crisis?" How about the global, "We don't know what the weather will be like tomorrow, so how can we predict what it will be like 100 years from now" crisis?

Fourthly, gigantic underwater volcanic and sea-vent activity at the South Pole is a large reason why the ice shelf of Antarctica breaks apart. In fact, that region almost doubles in size each year before retracting. Is a "polar shift possible?" Sure. Has it happened before? Almost certainly. But is this Waterworld fantasy bogeyman worth all the nightmares that the doomsayers offer mankind? What about an asteroid from outer space hitting the Earth? That is far more probable. So, where were the anti-asteroid scientists at the "Sustainable Development" conference in Johannesburg?

Africa needs to block out the MTV-pagan culture from the eyes and minds of its youth and seek a return to monogamous sex within marriage as the "norm" in order to help stop the spread of AIDS. More AIDS means more money for Western pharmaceutical companies, less for African economic development.

(Yes, there are real environmental problems, like the near-impossibility of disposing of nuclear waste and the growing worldwide shortage of fresh water, but the aforementioned false "doomsday scenarios" only serve to scare the youth of Africa and the world. It's depressing. It leads people to despair for the future and turn to drink and drugs and sex to escape a "reality" that isn't as bad as it really seems. But it is the elites who are always ready to provide their freedom-destroying "solutions" to these problems like man-made famine, the "ozone" crisis, and the like).

Africa needs to understand how the IMF devastated the economies of Argentina and South Korea, while nations like Malaysia, which shut out IMF control, survived even the 1997 Asian Meltdown.

Africa needs to condemn North Korea for its part in Zimbabwe's Matabele massacre under Mugabe and stop North Koreans from digging for uranium in the Congo.

Africa needs to address baby rape in South Africa.

Africa needs to address and stop the brutal killing of 1,300 out of 40,000 Afrikaner/Boer farmers since 1994.

Africa needs to tell Namibia's leaders to leave the White farmers in that nation alone. We don't need another Zimbabwe.

When Africa takes all of these steps, it will be poised for a true reformation that will make Africa the future center of the best virtues of Christian civilization.

Then, and only then, will all good things for Africa become not only possible but probable.

More on Africa South of the Sahara

Anthony C. LoBaido is an international correspondent for ""

Copyright 2002

Reprinted with Permission of
Reprinted from SierraTimes,com
August 28, 2002

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