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Volume IV, Issue # 18, February 25, 2002
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By Lewis J. Goldberg

Liberals have long argued against the death penalty on humanitarian grounds, claiming that we cannot bring anyone to life through killing and equating capital punishment with murder. Liberal individuals may do this out of misguided passion or erroneous exegesis of Scripture, but, when politicians are behind the protests, their position is otherwise motivated.

Likewise abortion. From the grassroots supporters of abortion, we hear the term "choice" and phrases like "it's a woman's body." At the governmental level, abortion is a business opportunity. If abortion isn't legal, then government (and government-empowered parasites like Planned "Parenthood") can't "turn a dime off of it." Fast-forward on someone lucky enough to be born, and the Liberals are trying to make sure that "Junior"--or the State--can legally pull the plug (or worse, inject the "lethal dose") to bring a "dignified" end for Grandpa.

"Compassion," "caring," "responsibility," "justice," and "mercy" are buzzwords of the political Left, but let's compare rhetoric with action and see what we find.

Capital Punishment

When arguing against it, Liberals misstate the purpose of capital punishment, forgetting that the key concept expressed in the phrase is punishment. From the 20th. Century forward, there has been a mandate from the "enlightened" class to turn the American criminal justice system into a rebabilitation clinic. The fact that no prison ever rehabilitated a single person is no deterrent to a determined Liberal, who always insists that "it just hasn't been done the right way!" It should be obvious that grown adults can only change by their own will, such as God may provide. Likewise, little children can be trained to behave at home, but once they leave home, it is a personal decision of each to stay trained. (If prison were such a model environment for creating reformed citizens, we should all want to go there, and send our kids.)

Petty thieves may learn some valuable lessons in the "real world," but in the case of murderers (and anyone else worthy of capital punishment), such persons are dangerous and society cannot afford to let them go and then see if their prison training will "hold." Do any of you want to be the next-door neighbor on whom Mr. 20271-85548 is going demonstrate his new attitude? Such a person must be put down. The safety of society depends on it, and Scripture demands it of government (see: Romans 13).

Since Liberals are generally no friends of Scripture, we must ask why, when it comes to executing capital offenders, Liberals are reluctant to exercise such raw power. As usual, the answer is found in the cash register. More prisoners mean bigger prisons, larger prison budgets, more employees and administrators, and (you knew it was coming) higher taxes. Liberals in government discovered that punitive justice was efficient justice, and there can be none of that in a society in which Liberals seek to increase the people's dependence on government.

More criminals in overcrowded prisons mean many have to be let out, because they just can't build prisons fast enough to hold everyone. Lots of criminals on the streets means more problems, more law enforcement officers, more dependence on "compassionate" Liberals to "do something," and (again) higher taxes.

Eroding the Base

Another element restraining Liberals from dispensing real justice is that they don't want to kill "their own." Who of us can doubt that the inhabitants of death row are default constituents of the political Left? Are Conservatives filling the bunks of America's "death rows"? Empirical evidence says "no." If they were, is there anyone who thinks there would be Liberal protest over it? Likely not, and herein is the greater hypocrisy.

Conservatives are willing to die for their causes. Liberals are willing to kill for theirs. However, Liberals aren't willing to commit suicide. As long as there are helpless, brainless, soulless, pathetic individuals out there, Liberals will do all they can to stay the hand of justice from them so they can be paraded in front of the media as another "crisis" at which to throw money.

However, one segment of the population that it is unprofitable to throw money at is the elderly. The high cost of health care has made it very uncomfortable for the Liberal commisars who deal with elderly patients and their nursing home bills. Thankfully for Liberals, euthanasia is starting to pick up support. The growing percentage of senior citizens in this country guarantees that spending to keep them alive will far exceed the tolerance of taxpayers. To a Liberal, more government is a good thing, but even they realize that it can grow too fast to escape the notice of America's wage-earners and taxpayers.

Euthanasia promises to cure this dilemma, allowing doctors and the families of elderly patients to end terminal patients' lives forcibly. This is billed as "compassionate" and "progressive." It is not "coming"; it is already here. Maybe not yet in your town or state, but it's not far away.

Conservative Contradiction?

Typically, the political Left accuses Conservatives of being hypocrites when it comes to capital punishment. Liberals cite the alleged hypocricy of Conservatives in protesting abortion while advocating the death penalty. This supposed conflict is borne of the misunderstanding of what each of these acts really is. Capital punishment is intended to be punishment. In that light, it is the ultimate punishment for the ultimate of crimes. Justice is served through capital punishment because society is then rid of individuals who completely lack respect for the most fundamental of human rights. We should not care how the murderer's family, nor even the victim's family, feels about it. Government must act to protect the whole of society, not narrow interests.

Abortion is not what Liberals think it is either. Abortion is not like removing a mole. It is not a "right." And it most certainly is not "health care." It is, plain and simple, murder, a crime worthy of capital punishment. Were this a just society that truly valued life, capital punishment would apply to doctors administering abortions, as well as patients seeking one. (Some of you are glad I am not a legislator.) Trying to seek a comfy middle ground on the issue is a dance with the Devil, and trying to draw distinctions between embryos and fully formed adults is simply an argument of scale that doesn't hold up, logically or Biblically.

The "Culture of Death" and the Final Solution

What more examples do we need of the inherent evil of the political Left than the poetically Satanic bookends of abortion and euthanasia? Herod and Pharaoh went after babies to solve their problems; Hitler and Stalin concentrated on the core population for theirs. The movie Soylent Green postulated what could happen to old people in an overcrowded future society. Perhaps today's Liberals have hit upon the solution to end all "solutions"--start at both ends to squeeze the middle into submission. Readers of this column can scoff at my conspiratorial air, but it's easy to be a skeptic when you're not the one being killed.

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