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Volume IV, Issue # 28, March 21, 2002
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By Patrick Mallon

California incumbent Governor Gray Davis, already bubbling with overconfidence and disdain towards challenger Bill Simon, is preparing himself for certain victory in the November, 2002, gubernatorial election. "Bill Simon is a true-blue think-tank Conservative. I am a practical problem-solver," says Davis. "I believe many of his ideas are out of step and out of touch with most Californians. We need to keep moving California forward. Not backward, and certainly not to the Right." In this article, you'll discover what Davis means by "forward," specifically on education, though it is unlikely you are aware of the deceitful and destructive cover Davis is and has been running for an increasingly powerful agenda for this State.

A prediction: Gray Davis will be defeated this November by a whopping margin and it will be one of the biggest ideological turnarounds in U.S. history, and could, in time, lead to Bill Simon's eventual ascendency to the White House. It will occur as a result of the abject failure of Liberal tactics already forming out of the mouths of boastful egomaniacs in the Democratic establishment. Believe it or not, California is largely a Conservative state, but it has been coopted by a very powerful minority of Liberal lawyers, lobbyists and judges, as well as thug-like civil rights activists and race baiters, all comfortably protected by a Marxian Socialist press led by the Los Angeles Times.

First, some background. In March of 2000, California voters overwhelmingly passed Proposition 22, the Marriage Initiative, by a 61% margin. The Marriage Initiative states that a legal marriage is between a man and a woman. At that time, California political analyst George Neumayr stated "there's nothing before the Governor as incendiary as Proposition 22, the ballot measure in which voters said the covenant of matrimony should be reserved for heterosexual couples. But beneath the relative calm, sexual politics continue to collide with traditional Conservative religious beliefs and moral principles, even as the fallout from Proposition 22 settles." Gray Davis, evincing contempt for the will of the voters, publicly labeled Proposition 22 "divisive." More on the relevance of this fact later.

Proposition 227, requiring that all public school instruction be conducted in English, passed by a similar 61% margin in 1998. Test scores subsequent to adoption of Proposition 227 tell an amazing story of educational success. In 1998, 21% of Hispanic students ranked at the 50th. percentile or higher for reading and 27% managed the same for mathematics. In 2001, these figures jumped to 35% and 46%, respectively. However, the socalled "education governor" is opposed to enforcement of the will of the voters and seeks to undermine Proposition 227. John J. Miller of National Review Online stated in "Bilingual Boondoggle--Beating Gray Davis, in English" (February 14, 2002) "the state board of education, dominated by Davis appointees, would gut Proposition 227. Under current law, kids can get out of English-language classes only if their parents sign wavers. The state board, however, would give teachers the same authority. It would also delete the provision requiring that children spend the first month of each school year in English classrooms." According to Miller, the GOP has been "handed a fantastic new issue to use against the Democratic incumbent, but only if enough California Republicans are willing to set aside their fear of criticizing the bilingual-education establishment."

The point of this column is that Gray Davis, the socalled "education governor," has little substantive regard for improving the educational performance of California minority students (as evidenced by his end-around Proposition 227), but more importantly, he is entirely beholden to and is one of the major proponents of a strategy to promote homosexual and transgender instruction, advocacy, and indoctrination in the California public school system, under the standard and often unchallenged propaganda trick of singing the praises of tolerance, diversity, and alternative life styles. Davis has become so focused on the ascension of this agenda in the K-12 classrooms that he has subordinated to that agenda continuous popular demands for substantive improvements in core subjects, aptitudes and test scores, devoting his time, energy, and political resources to seeking to promote and achieve the objectives of an increasingly brazen radical activist group that enjoys labeling anyone who gets in its way as "extremist, hateful, Rightwing bigots." And, as you know, most people back down in the face of these assaults, and the tactic has become an art form.

Several of the more vocal and aggressive advocates of homosexual amd transgender indoctrination in the classrooms have few qualms about their take-no-prisoner attitudes on the subject. According to Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Alliance (GLSEN) Director of Communications James Anderson, "We're going to raise a generation of kids who don't believe [the claim of] the Religious Right." And Cathy Renna of the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) says, "we have to convince them that there is no other side to these issues." Others in GLAAD have said, "we're the mainstream now."

These are the same people who attacked Dr. Laura Schlessinger mercilessly, eventually forcing cancellation of her TV program. Do you have any idea how committed these people are? Be sure that Gray Davis is in substantial agreement with the goals of GLAAD abd GLSEN and realizes the effectiveness of the ruthless schemes they employ. So where do the students who want to improve their GPAs, SAT scores, and eligibility for entrance into elite colleges and universities stand in all this? Sorry, first we need to make sure our diversity and bilingual programs are properly respectful of everyone. If you excel, well maybe that's because you are from an "advantaged" and not a "disadvantaged" household. Then, we have to ensure that your attitudes and opinions of our gay, bisexual, and transgendered students fit within policy. Got it? Your Governor is putting your education first, but we're just not sure what that "education" consists of. It doesn't sound like reading, writing, and arithmetic!

The facts of California's woeful and emdarassing national position near the basement in educational attainment bear this out. And it is for this deceitful, hidden agenda alone that not only outraged parents of California students, but average voters who have taken the time to discover these provable facts, should throw Davis out on his behind in record numbers.

At the watershed GLSEN national conference held in Atlanta, Georgia, on October 3, 1999, GLSEN said of Davis: "GLSEN today applauded Governor Gray Davis for signing the California Student Safety and Violence Protection Act (AB 537), making California the fourth state in the nation to extend protections based on sexual orientation to students in public schools." Sounds nice, right? Nobody is arguing that students--all students, including gays--should not feel safe in their schools.

But what evidence does GLSEN have to prove that implied levels of gay student harassment exist to elevate the issue to the extent of passing laws to address the problem (if a problem exists at all)? At the conference, GLSEN released a first of its kind "national school climate survey" in which 496 gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender students from 32 states were surveyed about their experiences in school. The results were that 91% of students hear homophobic comments, 69% experienced verbal harassment, and 24% physical harassment. Knowing how much statistics can be skewed to produce intented results, I asked myself, what value is there in a study about school climate when only gay and other sexually abnormal students are interviewed? Better yet, dividing 496 students by 32 states equals 15.5 students. So 15.5 gay and other sexually abnormal students per state (and we don't know which states) were interviewed? Only a complete imbecile would embrace such a haphazard survey, a survey making the conclusion highly suspect. But it worked for GLSEN and was enough to persuade a highly supportive Gray Davis.

California parents are starting to get wind of where the real priorities of the "education governor" are. In February of this year, eight Novato parents sued the Novato School District for allowing their elementary school children to witness "a theatrical presentation on diversity" that contained references to homosexuality. The lawsuit asserted that the parents were denied the freedom to opt-out of the program, when school officials told them that the opt-out forms were missing. Cute huh?

According to the Pacific Justice Institute Counsel, Brad Dacus, who is representing the parents, "the lawsuit is the first in a major litigation campaign to combat school districts which attempt to undermine the constitutional rights of parents through the execution of AB 537 recommendations." Remember, this is the AB 37, the one supported by compelling feedback from 15.5 gay and other sexually abnormal students per state of 32 states. You know, the one signed into law by the "education governor." Consider what is really happening here. The Governor of California has approved a law effectively denying parents the right to make a moral and values-based judgement as to whether it is they who will address the topic of homosexuality with their children, or whether this provacative issue will be left to Gray Davis and the State. One can pretty much conclude the direction the "education governor" wants to take your children on this one.

The State of California, a state containing the fifth largest economy in the world, preoccupies itself (with the apparent blessing of Gray Davis) with a largely unreported pro-homosexual social engineering project that places "diversity" over talent and "tolerance" over accomplishment, while using public school students as guinea pigs. Does one really think that the majority of California parents, perhaps those among the 61% who voted for Proposition 22, support this stealth campaign? Perhaps, the real question should be, does Governor Davis really give a hoot what you, the California voters, think anyway? He hasn't respected what you have expressed at the polls before, and he isn't listening now. And who's going to disclose and validate the factual authenticity of the information used in this column, the Los Angeles Times? How about the San Francisco Cronicle? The San Francisco Examiner? Novato parent counsel, Brad Dacus, put the issue more succinctly: "No parent whose child is enrolled in a public school should ever have to worry that their values or how they're raising their children should be so grotesqurly undermined by a school district that chooses to keep them in the dark." Not, of course, if you live in a state run by an "education governor" like Gray Davis.

So, Bill Simon, the California governorship is yours for the asking. Your values, belief system, and honesty connect with the majority. But do you have the guts to tell the California voters who Gray Davis really is, what Gray Davis is all about, and especially what he is doing with the education of the students of this State? The clock is ticking!

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March 17, 2002


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