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Volume IV, Issue # 29, March 22, 2002
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By Marti Stapp Linder

The Democrats seem to be stepping in it again and again. First, they insisted upon pushing the Campaign Finance Reform Bill forward, despite the fact that the majority of Americans who actually knew a thing about it thought it was a bad bill. Next, Tom Daschle, for as long as he could, obstructed President Bush's drive to enact an economis stimulus package. We needed an economic stimulus months ago, but late is better than not at all, which is what Daschle was promoting--no economic stimulus package at all! Daschle's resistance to the tax rebate, which we all received last year, prefaced this bullheadedness. It seems as if Daschle didn't want us to have the tax rebate either. In both instances, the majority of Americans agreed with President Bush and not with Tom Daschle and his gang of partisan party hacks.

Democrats always want to spend our money for us and the idea of letting all those taxpayer dollars slip through their greedy fingers sent Democrats to the airways, telling outright lies as well as severely distorting the truth. Daschle essentially said, "We can spend your money better than you can. Letting us keep your money will help the economy more than allowing you to spend or invest your own money will." Nobody believed him.

There is another important bill under consideration in the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives. It is a bill to to standardize voting booth practices across the nation. As usual, there are two versions of the bill, one version Democratic and the other Republican. The primary difference between the two was that the original Democratic bill proposed to loosen voter registration. Republicans, in an effort to protect voting rights for legitimate American voters, insisted that first time voters have a picture identification and documentation (such as a driver's license) to verify that they are American citizens. The last I heard, the Democrats finally had to relent, but they didn't want to. Their reluctance to guarantee voting rights for lawful American citizens stemmed from the fact that Democrats assumed that most illegal aliens would vote the straight Democratic ticket. Democratic Party politicians were eager to allow non-citizens to "slip through the cracks," to vote for Democratic candidates, as directed by cynical Democrats who don't give a bunny's behind who votes for them, as long as they garner political power.

This brings me to Tom Daschle's most recent obstructionism in the Senate. He and his minions, voting along straight party lines, persisted in tarring and feathering Thomas Pickering, despite the fact that several public figures in Tennessee spoke up in Pickering's behalf. Many of them, including Al Gore's brother-in-law, are Democrats themselves. Yet again, Daschle and his ilk ignored public opinion.

Despite the fact that our tax dollars pay their salaries, Democratic members of Congress continue to discount the wishes of other Americans. Never mind that they are supposed to be working for us and not for the Leftwing Liberal agenda. Liberal Democrats, Socialists, and other radical Leftists do not have the best interest of our country in mind, but are consumed by a drive to consolidate political power and bend the entire legislative branch of government to their idiosyncratic will.

Consider this. Even such a notoriously biased network as CNN is reporting that the Democrats wanted our economy to plunge into a much deeper and more severe recession in order to make President Bush "look bad" on domestic policy issues. They were disappointed when Alan Greenspan recently stated that he sees the end of the recession. America fails? More people are out of work? Companies go under? Leftwing Liberal Democrats don't care. When we lose, they win. People who wish ill for our country are obviously not patriotic and loyal Americans. They are merely power-crazed, amoral leeches slopping at the public trough, at our expense.

Democrats are also behind the drive to keep us dependent upon foreign oil. The area in ANWAR in which President Bush proposes that we drill for oil is relative in size to a postage stamp on the back end of an oil tanker, but the Democrats keep "spinning" lies that imply that such drilling will despoil the entire Alaskan Wilderness. Balderdash!

Even Bill Clinton's Department of Energy disagreed with Tom Daschle. The U.S. Department of Energy, under Clinton, produced a report in October, 1999, entitled "Environmental Benefits of Advanced Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Technology." That report stated that technological advances now permit drilling for oil and gas in "environmentally sensitive" areas without damage. I watched a series of diagrams of the proposed drilling techniques on television. By creating roads across the frozen ice in Winter, drilling can be done far from the actual shoreline. Those roads will melt in the spring, leaving the drilling sites distant from the actual land mass and any animal and plant life. Further, the use of large low-pressure tires on transport equipment ensures that virtually no trace of human access and egress will remain.

Thanks to Clinton, we now import over sixty percent of our oil. (When he assumed the Office of President, in January, 1993, we imported only about thirty percent.) The consequences of this dependency on foreign oil are dire. We are already aware of the creeping gasoline prices at the pump, as dictated by the guys who wear turbans. What if the current conflicts in the Middle East become ever larger and actually erupt into all out war? The oil, gasoline, and diesel-fuel pumps across the nation will be cut off. Without the energy to drive our economy, our country will be brought to its knees. We will become essentially an instant "Third World" nation, vulnerable to every terrorist in the world. Is that what the Leftwing amoral politicians really want? Surely, even they and their most rabid, obsessive, and nutty environmentalist extremist constituents are not so blind as to ignore the consequences of their obstructionist tactics.

The borking of Thomas Pickering is only a single symptom of Democratic obstructionism. They are against everything that is good for the United States of America, from desperately needed court appointments to uniform voter registration to ensuring an ample energy supply to allowing Americans to voice their opinions in the media prior to elections a la the socalled "Campaign Finance Reform Bill." We have to get these ANTI-Americans out of office. The next time you go to the polls, be sure you vote for people who are willing to work for America! We cannot continue to allow these Leftwing Liberal Socialist clowns to bring our country to its knees. Elect patriots to government office. Throw out the ANTI-Americans.

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Marti Stapp Linder is a columnist for a site for writers under the aegis of AMERICA ON LINE and for another site on the WORLD WIDE WEB. She is also a published poet and short story writer, as well as a guest editor and contributor to various newspapers and writers' publications in Texas, Nevada, and California.

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March 18, 2002

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