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Volume IV, Issue # 38, April 11, 2002
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By Dorothy Anne Seese

Would the United States government have had the U.S. Armed Forces surround Osama bin Laden and cut off his lines of communication, but keep him safe, intact, and able to strike again? I think not. In fact, for all you and I know, the Armed Forces and the CIA may have found bin Laden and, on instructions from the U.S. government, "dun him in" right fast and not told the world about it. That way, bin Laden disappears from history and isn't martyred. Yet our government has the gall to tell Israel, after all the bloody, senseless attacks against unarmed, unsuspecting civilians who are not militants or combatants, to keep going easy on Yasser Arafat.

It just doesn't make sense.

Which is why there has to be a reason why the U.S. government is doing this. Never let it be said that the leaders in our national government have in mind the general interest and common good of the people of the U.S.A. It's their own necks and hides they want to protect and their own positions they wish to advance. None of our fearless caped crusaders in Washington, and least of all Colin Powell (who's no better at the Secretary of State job than was Madeleine Albright), wants the Arabs mad at us. NEWS FLASH! The Arabs are already mad at us! The Saudis only wish they had the power to level the whole U.S.A., like their Al-Qa'ida Arab flyboys decked the World Trade Center. Since the Saudis lack such military power, they've been using their wealth to fund Saddam Hussein under the table and, at the same time, maintaining "diplomatic" relations with the USA (after all, they get a billion dollars a day in oil revenues from our gas-guzzling public). Then they take their oil money and buy hunks of American real estate, equities, and buildings--like plush hotels and resorts that unsuspecting U.S. citizens patronize, without realizing their cash is going to fund terrorists. On top of that, the Saudis get their "students" invited to the U.S.A. and establish 30,000 mosques on American soil--all "peaceful," of course, since our government said so.

Old King Faud Saud is ancient and senile. Crown Prince Abdullah, who isn't any twenty-year old upstart, is an Islamic radical and an American-hater. If America's national leaders think they're going to get Arab support for blasting Saddam Hussein to Allah, think again. If Israel were pushed into the sea or moved to a section of New Mexico (after deporting all the illegal aliens from across our southern border to make room for the Israelis), the Arab world would still hate America.

Yet, the U.S. government does nothing about this situation, except to continue some fifty years of an imiginary "peace process" that has failed as miserably as the war on drugs.

When something makes this little sense, there's a reason. You got it: money!

And in this chess game of global politics, who gets hurt? Did the U.S.A. take out Saddam Hussein in 1991? No. It was the little guys in the Iraqi army who got butchered, along with a few U.S. soldiers, plus hundreds, maybe thousands, who came home with "Gulf War Syndrome" and still suffer from it. President Bush the First looks pretty healthy, as does Saddam Hussein.

The American and European press howls over the U.S.A. starving the Iraqi children (remember, everything we do now from gun control to conducting wars is "for the children"). Iraq is still selling oil. Iraq is still supported by Arab allies. Iraq's leaders are starving their own people to make them fodder for an American and European press that tries to place blame on "Americans"--people who just want to live their lives and retire in peace--rather than placing the blame where it belongs, on the Iraqi leadership.

As we did in our 1991 military conquest of Iraq, we have done the same in military conflicts with other nations. The last leaders to die as a result of American military conquest were Adolf Hitler and his top henchmen. Perhaps, that was because World War II was the last war America fought in earnest, with intent to win.

Don't elect me President. As President, I would give Israel the green light to go blast Yasser Arafat off the map. Why? Because he was once named a terrorist, and still is a terrorist. Arafat is a liar and a coward. Though he is filled with hate and vindictiveness, he isn't about to take on the Israeli military, not when he can order his Fatah or give Hamas the go-ahead to kill and mutilitate innocent non-combatants. If he were a military leader, he could go after soldiers trained to fight. I hate sneaky, cowardly killers of any race, color or stripe, and I'm sick of Arafat's hogging the press, while giving orders to kill innocent civilians. To me, he isn't even an Islamic radical. He's just a cheap terrorist who's gotten enough press to make him seem like a political leader, when he's nothing more than a glorified street gang honcho with checkered tablecloth on headbone. He looks more like he's going to dinner at Guiseppe's than to war with Israel, and it's too bad he isn't. A more ruthless, cold-blooded killer never existed, and he has succeeded in creating a "Palestinian state" where United Nations Resolution 181, in 1947, created none. That's right! UN Resolution 181 created Israel, not a Palestinian state. Legally, the land is Israel. The "Palestinians" are a creation of Arafat's propaganda and the media's support of Arabs, oil and big money--err, the media is owned by big money, so it makes sense.

Don't appoint me Secretary of State! As a Westerner and a loyal American, I don't have much patience with a pre-Middle Ages semi-civilized, barbarism that is clever enough to become part of the grand cartel that controls world politics but can't get its subjects into the 21st century. I'd tell them what I think of them, and that alone would start another world war.

Yet, thinking about all the nonsense spewing out of Washington, its obvious that the U.S. national leadership is afraid of something, whether it be loss of oil wealth to ExxonMobil and Unocal or an embarassing lack of military might when we need it most. Otherwise, our leadership would not be bowing and scaping to Arab demands. Just what kind of armies do the Arab and Muslim folks have? We've seen about toughest they can put together with the Afghani Taliban and the Arab Al-Qa'ida. Anyone ever heard of a Saudi military of any strength? How about a Syrian army? Lebanese? Qatar? Bahrain? Don't make me laugh. But if the best we can do is to send the whole flippin U.S, fleet over to the Indian Ocean to land troops (with most of our casualties suffering injuries or fatalities as a result of "friendly" fire), then maybe we have something to fear from Moammar Khaddafi's military. How embarrassing it would be to have the Libtan army rout our Delta Force!

Somehow, this scenario doesn't add up. So, there has to be another reason for the wimpiness of the U.S. political leadership. And don't toss that bullflakey at me about "taking the higher moral ground." There is no higher moral ground in war. Once war has become the only option, high moral ground has become a non-issue. Real war has only one "high moral ground," and that is winning at the cost of the fewest lives to your own side. General George S. Patton said, "war isn't about dying for your country, it's making the other poor bastard die for his country." He was pretty blunt, but also very correct. Supreme sacrifice is not the goal, but damage to and defeat of the enemy are goals. Dead heroes don't know they're heroes, and it doesn't matter to them whether their names are on a wall or not. It matters only to the living, the survivors.

U.S. political leaders are frightened of something, or they would put an end to the Middle East mess once and for all by taking out Hezbollah and Hamas and by letting Israel do away with Arafat and his Fatah and Martyrs' Brigade. The sooner the latter option is taken and the job is completed, the better. This pussyfooting around for the apparent sake of global approval makes about as much sense as Rodney King's statement "can't we all just get along?"

So, when the news doesn't make sense, and you come away from the television with this sense of foreboding and frustration, please be assured that, while and I can do nothing about the world's affairs, our leaders know exactly what's going on, they have for fifty years, and the situation in the Middle East is a powder keg surrounded by bonfires. If that isn't enough to have you running for the Pepcid AC, then worry about what our government is doing to us, the little people, while our attention is focused on a 4,000 year old family feud between Abraham's kids, Ishmael and Isaac.

What's the matter with our media? They think we're all stupid or sumpin? Umm, well, it's worked for fifty years, so I guess it's worth milking 'til the cow finally runs dry and the people get off milk and into solid food.

Just remember: When nothing makes sense to the public, it's because our leaders don't choose to share the real information with us. It's no fun to have a surprise party when everyone knows about it in advance.

I have a strong sense of foreboding about the next surprise party.

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