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Volume IV, Issue # 41, April 16, 2002
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By Larry Klayman

The American legal system is dangerously corrupt.

It's picking the pockets of hard-working Americans, putting literally billions of dollars into the pockets of greedy lawyers, turning neighbor against neighbor, and threatening to derail the rule of law.

Furthermore, legal corruption and abuse is not somebody else's problem. It's not just big business and the tobacco, chemical, and insurance industries that pay the cost of legal abuse and runaway litigation. More and more every day, legal corruption and greedy lawyerism negatively impact the daily lives of YOU, me, and every other American. Consider the following:

Here's the worst of all. The U.S.A. has been transformed from a nation of friends and neighbors into one of actual and potential litigants--plaintiffs and defendants. Greedy, unprincipled lawyers have made Americans willing to ask courts to resolve everything. These are just some of the extreme examples of more than 250,000 lawsuits filed in American courts each year:

Shall I go on? There's simply no end to the absurdity our legal system has become.

Before I continue, I want to make clear that this is not a hopeless problem with no clear solution. Something can be done and is being done about runaway litigation and greedy, corrupt lawyers and judges.

I want to let you know that Judicial Watch is already taking action. I also want to enlist your support so Judicial Watch can do even more to call attention to and eliminate the spreading cancer of legal corruption.

Our staff attorneys here at Judicial Watch have already filed suit in over 100 cases of legal corruption in the country today. These cases are not even the tip of the iceberg, but they are an important beginning.

I invite you today to become an important "Friend of the Court" in these legal actions and the ones we will be initiating in the future. I invite you today to go on record as an American fed up with legal abuse and willing to put your name to a course of action designed to stop greedy and corrupt lawyers and judges.

Will you take this step? Will you join with me and the hard working legal team here at Judicial Watch? I sincerely hope so?

I am myself a practicing attorney. Just a few years ago, I was so disgusted with what had happened to my profession, once a vital part of our constitutional democracy, that I was on the verge of quitting the practice of law.

Instead, I founded Judicial Watch in 1994.

The idea behind Judicial Watch is to serve as an ethical and legal "watchdog" over our government and over our legal and judicial system in order to promote a return to ethics and morality in our nation's public life.

Judicial Watch is not the tool of any special interest group. As a non-partisan, non-profit foundation based in Washington, D.C., and with offices throughout the country, Judicial Watch relies on voluntary support, from people like yourself, to help us root out corruption in our government and to make sure offenders are brought to justice.

At Judicial Watch, our motto is: Because no one is above the law!

To fulfill our mission, Judicial Watch undertakes strong court actions on a case-by-case basis to police ethical and legal transgressions by government officials, lawyers, and judges. This has included scores of lawsuits aimed at the former Clinton-Gore Administration for its corrupt practices.

Judicial Watch policies misconduct by all political parties and will not hesitate to bring lawsuits against anyone, Republican, Democrat or Independent, who violates the public trust. Ethics and respect for the law are "core values," which all agree are crucial for our country to remain the world's leader.

Judicial Watch is currently involved in many court cases corcerning corrupt politicians, government officials, lawyers, and judges. Trials for many of these cases will begin this year and the normal pressures placed on Judicial Watch's limited staff will only intensify as events unfold. That is why we need your help today!

What's Behind the Legal Mess We Are In Today?

The variables causing and aggravating our current legal mess include the following:

More About the Vicious Money Cycle:

Consider the case of Ohio. Recently, a 4-3 majority of the Ohio Supreme Court tossed out a three-year-old tort reform package. Since 1992, the four justices ruling against tort reform received $1,528,054 in campaign contributions from personal injury attorneys. The three dissenting justices collected only $70,704 in contributions from the trial bar.

In all, trial lawyers provided $60 million to opponents of tort reform between 1988 and 1998. According to expert estimates, there have been more than 90 cases of pro-trial attorney judges overturning tort reforms in 26 states over the last 15 years.

Between 1990 and 1994, trial lawyers gave $17.3 million to state judicial candidates in Texas, California, and Alabama--more than the combined contributions of the Democratic National Committee, Republican National Committee, labor unions, and auto companies to federal candidates.

The trial lawyers are definitely not bi-partisan. Trial lawyers overwhelmingly favor the Democratic Party. And the Democratic Party is overwhelmingly favorable to trial lawyers and legislation that helps them milk the system. Both Bill and Hillary Clinton are trial attorneys. And one of the great rising stars of the Democrats, Senator John Edwards, has been described as "the most successful trial lawyer in North Carolina.")

The bulk of the campaign contributions made by the Association of Trial Lawyers of America (ATLA) have gone to the Democratic Party. Trial lawyers gave $4.4 million dollars to Democratic judicial and legislative candidates in last year's election.

As a result of all this, America's lawsuit-crazy legal system is wrecking our economy through excessive litigation. It's burdening the court system with thousands of frivolous lawsuits, denying justice to people who really need it.

Is There a Solution to the Problem?

As bad as the problem of legal abuse is, it is far from hopeless.

Tort reform is one answer. Frivolous lawsuits should prohibited. The courts and their bar associations should punish attorneys who bring frivolous lawsuits. Attorney fees must be reigned in. Court shopping must end. Parties who bring suit must have some standing in the court's area of jurisdiction. Campaign contributions from lawyers to judges and other forms of legal bribery must be eliminated. The rules governing socalled class action lawsuits must be strengthened, with lawyers no longer able to represent themselves.

When states pass meaningful tort reform, productivity and employment increase. These increases range from 7 or 8% for productivity to 11 or 12% for employment.

Tort reform is pending in the U.S. Congress and in state legislatures around the country.

Governors in a number of states, including Alabama, Florida and Texas, have already signed into law significant and positive reforms. In Texas, the reforms passed by the state legislature and signed into law by then Governor George W. Bush have allowed the creation of 200,000 new jobs, more than $1,000 in annual savings per Texas consumer, and greater access to the courts.

But tort reform is only part of the answer. At Judicial Watch, we believe we must strike directly at the heart of the problem--the corrupt lawyers and judges who have done so much to destroy our legal system.

That is why we have prepared a series of lawsuits aimed at recovering more than $10 billion in legal fees that have been paid to coirrupt lawyers and law firms.

We are also preparing a series of suits against state bar associations that have failed to police their own membership.

We are recruiting hundreds of monitors to sit in courtrooms across America to spot and report corrupt attorneys and judges. Our monitors are already having an impact in putting judges and lawyers on their best behavior.

In short, Judicial Watch is acting to clean up the legal profession. We are turning the tables on corrupt lawyers and judges. Our goal is to restore the American legal system to its original purpose--to function as a bastion of civil liberty and individual justice, rather than as public enemy number one. We aim to make our courts operate as genuine temples of justice, not as temples of injustice.

Each lawsuit we bring cost an average of $1.5 million dollars. Each month, we must pay the salaries of 12 outstanding attorneys. These are attorneys who could be making far more money in private practice, but share our dedication to reforming the American legal system.

In addition, we must pay court costs, filing fees, and other operating and overhead expenses to keep our offices open and our suits and investigations moving foeward.

We can succeed. We are succeeding. But we are absolutely depending on the political and financial support of Americans like you.

No one is doing what we are doing. We are bold, aggressive, and unafraid. But we cannot succeed alone. We need your help!

In his day, Abraham Lincoln urged his fellow lawyers to "discourage litigation. Persuade your neighbors to compromise whenever you can. Point out to them how the nominal winner is often a real loser--in fees, expenses, and waste of time." I sincerely believe we can restore our ailing legal system and return to Lincoln's ideals, with your help.

Legal Issues, Lawyers, & America's Judiciary

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Larry Klayman is Chairman and General Counsel of Judicial Watch.

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