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Volume IV, Issue # 46, April 26, 2002
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By Alan Caruba

How delusional do you have to be to insist that the only Palestinian you can negotiate with is Yasser Arafat? Does anyone find it strange that the European Union reportedly will send millions of dollars to the Palestinian Authority to sustain its terrorist war on Israel? Or does this simply reflect the same European anti-Semitism that killed millions of Jews during World War II?

Earlier this week, Arafat ordered the Palestinians holed up in Bethlehem's Church of the Nativity to stay there, holding priests and nuns as hostages. This isn't just a Jewish versus Muslim war. It is one in which Christians, too, have a stake. Militant Muslims have repeatedly demonstrated their utter indifference to the sanctity of the religious sites of Judaism, Christianity, and other religions. Can you ever imagine a Jerusalem ruled by Muslims? In Afghanistan, the Taliban destroyed an ancient Buddhist holy site.

In 1993, Arafat was in Tunisia, exiled from the West Bank and an international pariah. Guess who lifted the ban on United States diplomatic contacts with the Palestinian Authority. The architect of the current war in Israel was President Bill Clinton who, having not learned any of the lessons of previous U.S. persidents' missteps, thought he could achieve peace between the Palestinians and Israelis. In 1993, he called a peace deal "a shining moment of hope." That was the same year of the first Islamic terrorist attack on the New York World Trade Center.

By now, it should be abundantly clear to everyone that, so long as Arafat lives, there will be no peace, nor hope for peace. He is dragging the entire Middle East and the rest of the world into a new war and playing his role in the larger Islamic Jihad. All of this is being funded by Islamic nations, including Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Saudi Arabia.

Tom Friedman, a New York Times columnist, wrote recently of "Suicidal Lies," warning that "The Palestinians are so blinded by their narcissistic rage that they have lost sight of the basic truth civilization is built on--the sacredness of every human life, starting with your own."

No religion sends its children and youth out to commit suicide for the purpose of killing others. No religion declares martyrdom a sacred duty. But Islam does! It is not a religion; it is little more than a 7th. century warrior cult and one that spread its faith by the fear of death unless one converts. Indeed, to convert from Islam to another faith is a death sentence. The word "Islam" means "submission." Are you ready to submit?

This is the Islamic Jihad at work in the world today, and nations must take up arms against it. In March alone, Palestinian suicide bombers killed more than a hundred Israelis. As the suicide bombers did their evil work in the streets of Israel, this is what Yasser Arafat was telling Palestinians and Muslims around the world:

      "Allah, give me martyrdom (in Jerusalem), the place from which the
      Prophet Muhammad ascended to the heavens...."
Jerusalem is not a holy city to Muslims. Mecca and Medina, both in Saudi Arabia, are their holy cities. For centuries, Muslims ignored Jerusalem, continuing to do so, until they decided to conquer the city.

Arafat continued:

      "To Jerusalem we march, martyrs by the millions.  This is our destiny.
      This is a divine decree...."
The Koran is a call to war!

Arafat does not want martyrdom. He wants to rule Jerusalem and all of Israel. He wants to slaughter every Jew, more than 3.5 million of them, living in Israel. He calls on "millions" of his fellow Muslims to accomplish this. This is evil incarnate. It echoes Adolf Hitler's plans in the 1930s.

The early Crusaders understood the need to drive the Muslims from the city that was holy to Christians. Did Mohammed, a man who never set foot in any land other than what is now Saudi Arabia "ascend to heaven" from Jerusalem? At best, the Koran describes his having had a dream or a vision, but even the Koran stops short of saying he physically was in Jerusalem. This utter myth fuels the carnage taking place in the Holy Land today.

To achieve the conquest of Christianity and Judaism, the Koran is little more than a battle plan. The mosques of Islam in Jerusalem are there due to conquest only. The churches of Christianity are there because Jesus walked the land of Israel. The synagogues of Judaism are there because God promised the land of Israel to the Jews! Read the Torah! Read the Gospels!

Arafat: "Let those far and near understand: None, among the Palestinian people or the Arab nation, will be willing to bow and surrender. This is a call to the Arab and Islamic nations...."

By his own words, Arafat speaks what is in the hearts of hundreds of millions of Muslims, Arabs and non-Arabs, calling them to a worldwide Islamic Jihad. Iran will not yield. Iraq will not yield. Syria will not yield. Saudi Arabia will not yield. The Muslims of Pakistan, in Chechnya, in India, in Malaysia, in Indonesia, and in the Philippines will not yield.

Those Muslims who oppose the Jihad are being killed by Muslims. They live in fear of their lives because they, too, want freedom from the evil inmans and ayatollahs who direct the affairs of Islam. We must free them too.

The Islamic Jihad came to America on September 11, 2001. But, in truth, it came earlier with the assaults on our diplomats, our embassies, and our military forces. It is being waged by the socalled "Arab nation." It will come again and again, until we are fully engaged to end it at any price. No city in America is safe. No American is safe.

In the first half of the last century, the free world took up arms in World War II against the threat against freedom waged by Nazi Germany and the warlords of Japan. We learned that there was no such thing as negotiating with the enemy. We laid waste to their cities and their people until we achieved unconditional surrender. We will have to this again, this time against Islamic terrorism, the new worldwide threat.

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Copyright 2002 Alan Caruba

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April 9, 2002


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