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Volume IV, Issue # 57, May 24, 2002
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By Newt Gingrich

Fellow Americans, you and I are at a critical crossroads. It's time for us to realize that the political Left will stop at nothing to destroy Conservatives.

The Leftwing leadership has turned up the rhetoric because this is an election year. They are attempting to convince the American public that Conservatives are "extremists," while casting themselves as "centrists" and "moderates."

Here's another fact: This war against Conservatives is being led by the national Liberal media. The people in the Liberal-biased national media have trained all their resources at defeating every single policy we Conservatives propose--from tax cuts to a strengthened military to choice in education.

If we Conservatives don't fight back, the Left will suceed. Here's the plain, unvarnished truth: If the Conservative movement is to survive, we must neutralize the national Liberal media. The national press has become the most powerful arm of the Left. And they are bent on destroying our Conservative movement through deceit, lies, and character assination.

The tactics of the political Left make me angry, and, quite frankly, I'm fed up. I'm tired of watching Conservatives being bullied and threatened by the political Left. I'm tired of watching principled men and women being rediculed and disparaged by Liberal hypocrites.

I'll never apologize for my Conservative beliefs. I'll never retreat from my Conservative positions.

I believe in lower taxes. I believe in smaller government. I believe in less government spending and less government regulation. I believe in a strong military.

Will the Conservative agenda of lower taxes, less government, and strong moral values survive? Or, will the Conservative movement forever be victimized by a campaign of deceit at the hands of the Liberal-biased media?

Over and over again, Conservatives across the country tell me they are frustrated. They're tired of watching Conservatives struggle to make even minor advances with their policies in Washington. They want to know why, on issue after issue, the public is on our side at the beginning of the debate, but against us at the end.

You and I know the answer. The Left shamelessly lies with abandon. Fearmongering, lies, and distortions are the Leftists' everyday weapons.

And nowhere is this more prevalent than in the media elite, the single most powerful arm of Liberalism today. Virtually everyday, the Liberal media attack Conservatives as heartless foes of children, the elderly, the sick, and the poor.

Of course, this Liberal accusation is not true. The Liberal media know it's not true. But they say it over and over again, day after day, again and again until it sticks.

Something needs to be done to change this. If you will join with me, we can change this. I am proposing to you an idea that I am convinced will turn around the fortunes of the entire Conservative movement. This project is very important, and we urgently need your help to make it work.

For many years, I've admired the work of the Media Research Center (MRC) and its founder, Brent Bozell. The MRC is today the largest, most effective Conservative media watchdog group in the country. And it operates the most ambitious project ever undertaken by any Conservative organization--the Conservative Communications Center.

What is the Conservative Communications Center? It is the answer to the Conservative movement's number one problem--our inability to get our message to the American people. It is the first ever marketing and public relations "war room." It is designed to provide all grassroots Conservative organizations with the knowledge, tools, and expertise they need to get their message past the filter of the Liberal-biased media and directly to the American people.

It's now crystal clear that the Liberal media are the biggest obstacle to the Conservative movement. And until we remove the Leftist filter distorting our message, our real message will never reach the American public. Every Conservative organization should be addressing this problem. But they aren't, and that's our weakness.

The Media Research Center is the most powerful weapon that Conservatives have to neutralize the Liberal-biased press. And now the MRC has created the Conservative Communications Center to benefit every Conservative organization in America. The Conservative Communications Center has two primary goals:

All Conservastives are invited to join the Conservative Communications Center.

The MRC is currently working hand-in-hand with Conservative economic, social, and foreign policy organizations, with public policy leaders advancing specific Conservative initiatives, and with Conservative media outlets (television, radio, and print) wishing to advance our Conservative message.

With a unified effort in our commitment to confront thr Liberal-biased press and its distortions, we can beat the Liberals on every issue. We can beat the Leftists on taxes, on cuts in government spending, on deregulation, on anti-crime measures, on national defense, on social issues, on education, on immigration, on international trade, and on foreign policy.

But to win, we have to stop being reactionaries in the media, always on the defensive, always on the run. Instead, we must become more aggressive and creative in telling our story to the American people.

The MRC has nearly 15 years of experience in the field. At the MRC, everything that is done has, first and foremost, a marketing component. The people at MRC determine the markets they want to reach and the strategies and tactics needed to reach them.

And the MRC knows how to use the media to our advantage.

Now, the MRC is providing the Conservative movement all the tools it needs to expose, confront, and neutralize the Liberal press. Here's a glimpse of what the people at MRC are doing:

It's an ambitious agenda, I know. It's revolutionary. It's not an easy undertaking, and success won't come overnight.

And finally, the Media Research Center needs to keep all its existing programs alive, too. We must continue to use the MRC research to hit the media from all sides. And that means--

Fellow Americans, dream with me for a moment. Think of the issue most important to you and how the news media are distorting it today. Now imagine a world where the news media told the truth about that issue, and told the truth about the Liberal position on that issue! Imagine a world where the story lines on prime time television shows echo the values you hold dear. The Left would be finished and the war for the heart of America would be over. A far-fetched dream? Not at all.

I am completely convinced that the MRC's Conservative Communications Center will mark an historic turning point in our battle with the Liberal-biased media. But the reality is that the Conservative Communications Center can succeed only if American Conservatives stand behind it. The plan can succeed only with your approval and financial support.

We have the opportunity of a lifetime to, once and for all, overcome the blatant Liberal bias of the national media. All that's missing is you and your support.

Conservative Political & Cultural Organizations

The News Media & Political Bias

Newt Gingrich is the Chief Executive Officer of the Gingrich Group, a communications and management consulting firm based in Atlanta, Georgia. He serves as a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute in Washington, D.C., and as a distinguishrd visiting fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California. He is currently a political analyst for the Fox News Channel. Gingrich was a Republican member of the U.S. House of Representatives from 1979 through the end of 1998, representing the Sixth Congressional District of Georgia. He was Speaker of the House from 1995 through 1998.

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