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Volume IV, Issue # 68, June 19, 2002
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By William Boyd

Again the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is repeatedly stating how we can't be "profiling" dark skinned, black haired (Arab type) people in the pursuit of security at airports or other public places. I started looking around at what is going on, what has gone on, and what is going to go on. In every part of the world, be it Albania, Kashmir, Palestine. the Philippines or what's left of the old Soviet Union, it's always the Muslims against everyone else. For some reason, if they can't find an "infidel" to slaughter, they will turn on their Muslam brothers, as they have in Afghanistan recently. This is not some new thing; it has been going on since the start of recorded history.

Unfortunately, we Americans have the misguided opinion that, because we have been so well protected so far, nothing will ever come to harm us. Well, maybe a one day "burp" a la September 11, 2001, but we are the guardian of the world and will continue to be the land of plenty and safety. This opinion is going to be proven deadly wrong in the very near future! Most likely, within the next year, there will be a Muslim action against the U.S.A. that will kill as many as 50,000 Americans! With our present mindset and in spite of the static being produced by the press, there is nothing that can be done to prevent the coming Muslim action against America.

Looking at Islam from a global and historical perspective can only produce one verdict: Islam cannot coexist with any other religion or society. It never has and never will. Muslims have warred the Christians, Jews, Hindus, followers of Buddha, and any other religious sect they have encountered. Even within Islam, the Shiites cannot peacefully coexist with the Sunni. It has been estimated that, during the past 80 years, starting with World War I, the members of the Muslim nations have killed, in various ways, more people than were killed by Adolf Hitler during the Nazi era. All the time this was going on, the word to the gullible idiots of the West, was the mantra of Islam being a "peace loving" movement with the sole purpose of disseminating the "love of Allah."

The Islamic fundamentalist movement will continue to expand its influence throughout the world, and will also continue to annihilate the constitutional democracies of the Western world that are so repulsive (and attractive) to the Islamic masses. On any given day, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of Muslim youngsters of both sexes being schooled and motivated to perform suicidal strikes against any form of society other than Islam itself. For the present, the Islamic Jihad is aimed at the U.S.A. and Israel, but any nation or society aligning itself with America will become a target in a very short time. No tolerance will be allowed and no mercy will be shown. By continuing their tactics of wanton murder of innocent civilians (in the militant Muslim mind, there is no such thing as a non-Muslim innocent), the Islamic extremists can, with little effort, create havoc throughout a nation or society.

Within the Arab world, there have been some very graphic scenes of what happens to persons showing any form of compassion for the victims of Islamic terrorist activities. Their bodies were dragged through the streets as a warning to others with like leanings. To be comfortable with Western society is deemed to be at odds with Islam and will be neither condoned nor tolerated. The Taliban were not an isolated group of thugs that started doing obscene things to people in the name of God; that same type of behavior has been going on for centuries throughout the Arab world. Some instances to recall are the near elimination of the Armenians by Turkey while the latter was a practicing Muslim nation, the atrocities committed against the Kurds by Turkey, Iraq, Iran, and others. Sudan has the unenviable status of the most oppressive nation on earth, and it is due solely to the maniacal leadership of the northern Muslim government.

Throughout the world, the kidnappings and murders are performed with regularity in the name of extending the reach of Islam against any and all comers. And within the U.S.A., we are being told that the Muslims residing here are just like "us," wanting to be good citizens and raise their families in peace and security. How can this be? To be at peace with Christianity can only place those Muslims at odds with their own religion. They cannot allow freedom of thought and expression, since the very tenets of the Q'ran prohibit that. Their interpretation reduces humanity down to only two categories--the faithful adherents of Islam and the infidels, who are to be converted (by the sword, if necessary) or eliminated. There are no other choices!

Just what are the wizards in the U.S. government going to do about this? Well, for starters, they are going to move approximately 400 Fibbies (FBI agents) into the battle against terrorism. These are the same agents that have bungled the war on drugs for many years and are now bringing that experience over to this new conflict. I know you feel much better about it already! The Feds will also continue to search elderly ladies in wheelchairs at airport security stations and monitor telephone and email traffic of hundreds of thousands of Americans living their normal existence. There may just be a message that informs these brilliant and hard working agents that there is going to be a bomb on flight so and so the day after tomorrow. I'm certain that the southern border between Mexico and the U.S.A. will remain just as open and porous as ever with hundreds of illegals crossing over every night. Of course, the thousands of expired student visas will be fixed in due time, probably not a thing to work on all that diligently because the ACLU will most likely oppose and raise Cain about the "undue pressure" on these "students"--over here to "better themselves."

We are assured that the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) will have all the latest techno whizbang items required for them to handle their job fast and efficiently. Just imagine the rooms full of affirmative-action border-control agents tracking down the hordes of potential kamikazes and ordinance venders that have been here for years, with no contact or monitoring from the federal agencies--any of them! Then there are the various National Guard troops, wrenched out of their civilian careers to stroll around the airports of America with empty weapons! That makes me sleep well at night! On top of all the innovative security items, is the notion that you can take an airline pilot out of a 757, where he is forbidden to carry a weapon, and put him, as a reserve officer, in a F-16 on patrol, where he can shoot down an airliner with 250 people onboard. That is genius!

As regards the Islamic terrorists' Jihad against Western civilization in general and the U.S.A. and Israel in particular, the Arabs could stop the war in 30 days, if they genuinely wanted to! It is time for the civilized nations of the world to tell the Saudis, Iraq, Iran, amd the other OPEC nations that, unless the Jihad is stopped immediately, there is going to be a new proprietor selling Arab oil to the world! The "Coalition" could have the oil fields of Saudi Arabia in our possession and control in about 10 days, and the traffic through the straits of Hormuz would be at our option.

As regards Islamic terrorist sleeper cells inside the U.S.A., the U.S. government should give consideration to using the same power that President Franklin Delano Roosevelt used in 1942 against Japanese-Americans. Let's set up some Muslim-American detention camps around Death Valley (so they'll feel right at home) and drop in a few goats and sheep daily for sustenance.

I'm certain that, regardless of the next action taken by the U.S. government, we are in for a violent and deadly year or so. This war is not going to end like the last few, but will continue as long as the Western nations allow the followers of Islam to mingle in an uncontrolled manner. There can be only of two possible outcomes of the conflict--(1) elimination of Israel first, then America, and then the other non-Muslim nations; or (2) elimination of the radical Islamic fundamentalist/extremist organizations and the political regimes of their state sponsors. To achieve the latter will require the total elimination of Islam, since these organizations and regimes are so pervasively interwoven within the fabric of Islam! Just recall the joyous celebrations of the many Muslims all around the world after the Al-Qa'ida terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. There is no place in Muslim hearts for anyone not embracing Islam. No more peace prizes to these uncivilized gangsters! No more funds from the very nations they are working to destroy! It's time to put our civilization's welfare first and inform these killers they are existing on borrowed time!

Then back it up!

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