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Volume V, Issue # 6, January 8, 2003
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By Marti Stapp

The Liberal media is busy these days. They're transforming Senator Rodham-Clinton into a moderate. Even more ludicrous, they're saying Nancy Pelosi, the new House Minority Leader (House Democratic floor leader), is going to be a "unifying factor." If those two lies aren't bad enough, the Liberal media endorsed Robert Byrd as a logical candidate for Senate Minority Leader (Senate Democratic floor leader). The views of these three people can conceivably affect the economy of America for many years to come.

By now, many are aware that 58 elected Democratic United States Representatives are members of the House Progressive Caucus, which is under the umbrella of the Demo- cratic Socialists of America. The other card-carrying Democratic Socialists are in the U.S. Senate. (They're too cowardly to reveal their names on the DSA web site.) Those Socialists cling to stale, European economic concepts. They ignore the obvious: free- market capitalism works! It's the reason America is the strongest nation in the world.

There's an economic battle between Liberal and Conservative ideologies--a battle that's as evident as the conflict between radical Islam and Western culture. Those such as Rodham-Clinton, Pelosi and Byrd believe in socialism. They're hard at work endeavor- ing to undermine the business/industrial base that made America the most adored/hated and admired/envied nation in the world.

America didn't become the world's strongest power by taxing people to the point of deprivation. America didn't succeed by denigrating economic accomplishments and indulging in class envy. We're hated and envied because free-enterprise capitalism succeeds. Statist, collectivist socialism represents the supremacy of mediocrity and it has failed around the globe.

President Bush devotes as much time to defending America from our internal enemies as he does trying to interdict our external foes.

In an August 8, 2002, Sun-Times column, "Sunny Clinton Forecast Leaves Cloud Over Bush," Robert Novak says:

    The U.S. Commerce Department's painful report last week that the national
    economy is worse than anticipated obscured the document's startling revelation.
    Hidden in the morass of statistics, there is proof that the Clinton administration
    grossly overestimated the strength of the economy leading up to the 2000 elec- tion....
    Through all of President Bill Clinton's last two years in office, the announced level
    of before-tax profits was at least 10 percent too high--a discrepancy rising close to
    30 percent during the last presidential campaign. Most startling, the Commerce
    Department, in 2000, showed the economy on an upswing through most of the
    election year, while in fact it was declining.

In other words, Clinton "cooked the books."

We are in this current economic downswing for many reasons:

(1) Senator Chris Dodd (Democrat, New York) headed up a consortium to loosen ac- counting practices and the legislation that he helped to pass in both House and Senate eventually contributed to the ensuing enormous business failures. The Clinton admin- istration used accounting practices similar to those of Enron to paint a rosy economic picture when reality was quite different. These practices damaged our economy in both governmental and private sectors.

(2) 9-11 devastated the economy on many levels. One result is the growing crisis in the airline industry. That's also true for tourism in America, including food wholesalers, restaurants and hotels/motels, and other service industries.

(3) Almost all the money Senator Rodham-Clinton brags about getting for her New York constituents came from our pockets via President Bush. Americans gladly contributed to healing New York in the wake of 9-11, but they expected Senator Rodham-Clinton to refrain from insinuating lies and slander against President Bush.

According to a NewsMax.Com news report, "Hillary: I Still Want Answers About What Bush Knew on 9/11," (Friday Oct. 4, 2002, 9:12 a.m. EDT):

    New York Sen. Hillary Clinton said yesterday.... that she was right to raise
    questions five months ago about a possible White House cover-up regard-
    ing what President Bush knew in advance of the 9/11 attacks, adding that
    she still thinks her constituents are entitled to answers.
    "It's the job of a senator to ask questions on the minds of his or her con-
    stituents," Clinton spokesman Philippe Reines told the New York Daily
    . "And nobody is more entitled to answers about what happened
    on 9/11 than the people of New York."
    In a May 16 speech on the Senate floor, Mrs. Clinton had complained:
    "I am simply here today on the floor of this hallowed chamber to seek
    answers to the questions being asked by my constituents, questions
    raised by one of our newspapers in New York with the headline 'Bush
    Knew.'.... The President knew what? My constituents would like to
    know the answer to that and many other questions, not to blame the
    President or any other American but just to know, to learn from experi-
    ence, to do all we can today to ensure that a 9/11 never happens again."
    Responding to reports that Bush had received an August 2001 CIA
    briefing on plans by al-Qa'ida to hijack airliners, Clinton even went so
    far as to raise questions about a possible White House cover-up.
    "Why (do) we know today, May 16, about the warning he received?
    Why did we not know this on April 16 or March 16 or February or
    Jan. 16 or Aug. 16 of last year?" she complained.

(4) The previous administration eviscerated human intelligence capabilities and con- signed American military enlisted personnel to living on food stamps. [I have the data to back this up.] We've been playing catch-up for two years. The cost for military build up and at home emergency security measures is phenomenal.

(5) When Bill Clinton became President in 1992, we were only about 33% dependent upon foreign oil. When he left office, we were over 60% dependent upon foreign oil. Rising energy costs mean that every product costs more to produce and/or to package and ship. Lack of domestic energy leaves us vulnerable to "oil blackmail," which contributes to investor wariness, and that is bad for our economy.

Let's cut to the chase. Hillary Rodham-Clinton and her ilk amuse me when they shrill "It's about the economy." That may be true, but ordinary Americans recognize the difference between "Liberal spin" and facts. Americans know that President Bush inherited the past Clinton/Gore economic failures.

Americans know farmers, ranchers, oil drillers, fishermen, and loggers are out of work because of Clinton/Gore reliance upon phony science and eco-blackmail to get more votes. Americans know people lost their lives and that our socalled "American Herit- age" was consumed in forest fires across the continent. Others lost their homes and livelihoods due to those fires. Americans understand the economic cost to our country.

Nancy Pelosi (card-carrying Socialist), "KKK" Byrd and Hillary Rodham-Clinton (carpetbagger)! We hope you and your kind fail. If you fail, America wins

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Copyright 2003 Marti Stapp

Reprinted with Permission of SierraTimes.Com
Reprinted from SierraTimes.Com
January 6, 2003


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