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Volume V, Issue # 140, May 21, 2003
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By Paul Walfield

As Americans, we all have the right to free speech. Free speech, as a right, means the government cannot, in most cases, gag you. You can even take physical action, claim it is really an exercise of speech, and be protected in that action by the U.S. Constitution. You cannot get arrested for burning the American flag, unless you use it as kindling for something bigger, like arson or some other recognized crime.

You can call for a “regime change” in America; you can say America’s presidential leadership team and administration in Washington are “illegal,” and worse. You can say you are a “patriot” because you dissent. No one has to believe anything you say, but you can say it and not worry about being whisked away in the night, never to be heard from again. Yet, the folks who dissent, the folks who call our Presidency and administration “evil,” have a tendency to equate America’s present government with despots and despotic regimes around the world. The problem for all of us is that dis- sent has, in effect, crossed a line. It has gone from an honest disagreement on policy, to deliberate lying and subversive propaganda.

The dissent to America’s actions in defense of our sovereignty and the safety of our people has taken on a whole new purpose. Some, including instigators, leading perpe- trators and their “useful idiots,” have decided to take advantage of an opportunity to gain legitimacy for their un-American activities. They have decided on an attempt to create an atmosphere in which the bashers of America--the people who want to see a weaker America, an America subordinate to a United Nations world government--will be seen as true patriots.

It looks like it started small. America was attacked on 9-11 and a tiny group protested America’s possible retaliation against the Taliban. As the terrorist threat to America became more and more widely realized, the demonstrations against America became larger and larger. It became apparent that the people in the governments and media outside of the United States of America had implanted among non-Americans a vision of America as a hostile, imperialistic nation bent on world domination.

The opinion makers across the globe, except in a very few places, had created anti- American sentiments among their populations, well beyond any plausible reality on the ground. Yet, the American Left has managed to place a similar view among many “useful idiots” right here in the U.S.A. Americans, whether trying to endear them- selves to the Europeans or to America’s enemies as a hedge in the event of an attack, have jumped on the bandwagon.

Billions of people across the globe have a negative opinion of America, and a good percentage of those poeople have elevated that negative opinion to the level of out- right hostility. Obviously, to people with no axe to grind, America has done nothing directly or indirectly to those people to warrant such an opinion. Despite the vile declarations to the contrary, America is not an imperialist nation. America has not enslaved populations or taken anyone’s land in the past 100 years. Yet, nations that have done so--nations such as France, Belgium and Germany--are seen as morally superior.

The U.S. State Department has done virtually nothing to change the world’s opinion of the United States over the years. America couldn’t even manage to come out ahead in a principled battle over Saddam Hussein in the United Nations. Yet, there is virtually no country on earth that does not benefit from or, in some cases, completely rely on preservation and advancement of America’s well being. Of course, that fact alone removes the idea of America being an evil empire out to squash all its oppo- nents. If America was what the opinion makers in foreign lands claim, those opinion makers would have been forced to change their tune or would have suffered the fate of ceasing to be even a memory. By the same token, if the dissenters in America were telling the truth about America’s government, if America was what they claim, they would not be dissenting, at least not more than once.

While America is known by all who wield actual power in the world to be a benevolent giant, they nevertheless portray the U.S.A. as anything but benevolent. The leaders and media the world over, even in America, have an agenda quite contrary to what mainstream America has for the future of the United States.

The dissenters are liars, and they know they are lying. America’s awful reputation is undeserved and false, and those who perpetuate this lie are fully aware that the repu- tation is undeserved and false. The lie is continually perpetuated by people with an agenda contrary to America’s continued existence as a world superpower. Main- stream media outlets, newspapers, and television networks slant not just to the Left, but against America’s interests in favor of foreign interests, interests that. if allowed to reach their logical conclusion, would lead us to a state of affairs in which we would all be imperiled.

Would the world be better off, as former President Clinton says, when America is no longer the most powerful nation on earth? Will America be better off, if, as Democrat- ic would-be presidential candidate Howard Dean says, our military is not as strong as other nations' military forces? Is it a prerequisite for world peace that America no longer be a sovereign superpower, as French President Chirac has said? Does Ameri- ca have to fall under the jurisdiction of a world court and United Nations governance, as the Left in America and around the world want, for there to be peace and tranquil- ity in the world?

Why is the political Left concentrating on subordinating the U.S.A. to foreign controls, yet unwilling to confront despotic regimes in North Korea, Syria, Iran and elsewhere and demand the same of them? Why would people who profess patriotism to America, who say they want to see the U.S.A. “evolve into a place that lives up to its loftiest democratic rhetoric,” not demand that the rest of the world do the same, first?

Why would anyone who is an American by birth or by choice see the weakening of American power as a move forward, when there are evil and despotic regimes in the world? Could it be because they do not see totalitarian and highly authoritarian re- gimes as evil? Or do they envision a world united in lofty goals that they have set, and see the “other side” as caving in over time? It might be that the Left believes that their views are universal and ultimately desired by all. It might be that the Left hasn’t a clue as to what to do, in the event they get their first wish--a weakened and subor- dinate America.

Dissent is good. Americans were once taught in school about the Boston Tea Party. Americans threw tea into Boston Harbor to protest what they deemed to be unfair. It was a patriotic act, in effect an exercise in freedom from tyranny. It was what dissent in the interest of America’s well being is all about.

Nowadays, dissent has taken on a whole new meaning. Dissent by many today is actually against the continuation of the form of constitutional democratic government that gives the dissenters the power to dissent. The dissent of some Americans today is dissent against the country in which they were born, dissent in favor of a foreign ideology--an ideology that demands the subordination of America to foreign leaders who are in all ways hostile to America. It is no longer simply dissent, no longer a freedom of speech issue. It has become an issue of Americans who want America to remain America versus those who don’t. It is the exact opposite of what dissent was --a call for foreign domination of America, rather than our release from the shackles of foreign rule.

Disloyalty, Subversion, Sedition, & Treason

Political Culture, Patriotism, & American National Identity

Paul Walfield is a freelance writer and member of the State Bar of California, with an undergraduate degree in Psychology and post-graduate study in behavioral and analytical psychology. He resided for a number of years in the small town of Houl- ton, Maine, and is now a California attorney. His articles appear in numerous peri- odicals and on numerous websites. He has been the featured guest on KTSA News Talk Radio.  CONTACT INFORMATION:  Email:

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