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Volume V, Issue # 249, October 10, 2003
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By David Huntwork

Writing a column on race is the political equivalent of walking through a minefield or playing Russian roulette with your reputation. It is also a striking reminder of how political correctness, the fascist thought control of the political and cultural Left, has gained nearly complete mastery over the mindset of the American people. Ideological intolerance has choked off true discussion and intellectual interaction on the troubles that do face various ethnic groups in the United States. But, without exploratory discussion and varied viewpoints, true solutions and understanding cannot be accomplished.

I would like to introduce you to Lisa McClelland, a current freshman at Freedom High School in Oakley, California. To Lisa the Caucasian Club was just a logical step. If there is a Black Student Union for African-Americans, a Latinos Unidos for Latin Americans and an ALOHA Club for Asian-Americans, then why can't there be a Caucasian Club at her school? She thought that the Caucasian Club would be a place where students could talk about racial dynamics and how one's ethnic background affects people today. The Caucasian Club would be a forum to discuss how her "whiteness” affects those who aren't white. She believes that the racial injustices and prejudices of the past” belong in the past." Hardly sounds like a radical, Rightwing or racist agenda by any stretch of the imagination.

The East County chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People quickly reacted, saying it was "vehemently opposed" to the name of the club. "It's name will not be culturally sensitive to the community we're addressing, especially in light of what had happened in California before," said Darnell Turner, the chapter's vice president. "The club, in name, seems like a backdoor approach to separation. From a historical perspective, this will bring up fears."

I personally expected the NAACP leadership to seize this opportunity for embracing diversity, but I stand corrected.

For the local branch of the NAACP to call the Caucasian Club "racially divisive," is pathetically comical.

Lisa is not wrong for wanting to start a Caucasian club but for buying into the mentality of ethnic and racial tribalism promoted by the Left. One would think that high school students should be spending a little more time learning about reading, ‘riting and ‘rithma- tic, and a little less time being indoctrinated in Liberal views regarding repression, rac- ism, and radicalism. There is nothing wrong with being proud of white heritage, culture or accomplishments, but a race-based high school club is a poor way to express it.

An academic support or historical appreciation group is one thing, but organizations based on race used as vehicles for ethnic, political, or ideological attacks or as a platform to launch attacks against whites is quite another. Undisputedly racist groups like La Raza, MEChA, and the Nation of Islam are the new segregationists and racial suprema- cists of the Left. And, though “controversial,” they are accepted and even supported by many politicians, churches, and members of polite society.

Frankly, the innocent idiocy of an all inclusive racially based club is not Lisa’s to bear. It is but an indictment of the politics of ethnic, racial, and class identity. It is the vast laun- dry list of cultural and class divisions perpetrated by modern Leftwing Liberalism. So much for the “melting pot.” Those Americans of British and European descent are lucky if they will be allowed to share space in the same “salad bowl” of American cultural groups. A racially based group, by definition, is divisive, exclusionary, and encourages people to identify each other first and foremost by their skin color or racial heritage.

I have seen white heritage properly celebrated with a Celtic Festival, the Renaissance festival, various medieval reenactment societies, historical preservation societies, and the like. The obvious difference is the benign cultural or historical emphasis and the complete lack of a political or ideological agenda at such gatherings.

That’s the tragedy of the political and cultural Left’s perpetration of what they define as Multiculturalism and Diversity. The Left, in attacking the proposed Caucasian Club and other similar harmless organizations, reveals what has long been suspected. The ideo- logical orientation of the Left is a philosophy of separatism, division, and segregationalism. Underneath it all is a deep and underlying hatred of Western Civilization. College kookery is now becoming popular political culture.

The politics of self-segregation and tribalism is sad. Those who so bitterly fought whites-only food counters now desperately strive for racially segregated lounges, student un- ions, and campus clubs. How far and yet how little we have traveled. It is the Conserva- tive wing of American politics which has embraced the dream of Martin Luther King, Jr., for a colorblind society where little black children and little white children would be al- lowed to play together. It is not those who instill the debilitating virus of victimization into yet another generation of non-whites. If we prioritize race before all other matters, the idea of a strong multi-ethnic society is dead on arrival. Instead we will be faced with the reality that all that has been achieved is a Balkanized America mired in its own web of ethnic and racial suspicion, hatred, envy, and blame.

If you reverse this phenomenon of a racially based culture, you get a sense of how far down the wrong path American society has really gone. How about the White Entertain- ment Network, the NAAWP, White Studies, Congressional White Caucus, White History Month, United Caucasian College Fund, and Miss White America? The obvious outrage this would cause should also be directed at those who merely inject a different crayola color in front of each of these concepts.

Imagine a society where, to have any self worth and any sense of identity, one had to join the Celtic club, the Aryan Alliance, or People for the Ethical Treatment of Europeans (PETE). The best part about this little incident is that it has exposed the hypocrisy of such race-based clubs, organizations and events and the system that has put them into place and practice.

While disguised as support groups, racial advocacy groups inevitably degenerate into studies of primitive tribalism and beliefs, the celebration of pagan gods like Quetzalcoatl and the blood cults of the Aztecs, a rejection of Christianity, political and territorial sep- aratism, radical politics, the philosophy of victimization, support of illegal immigration, fear of the tyrannical dangling chad, and increased hatred of Western Civilization in gen- eral. Racial harmony or understanding is never the outcome, despite the propaganda and rhetoric surrounding them. Instead they fuel suspicion, ideological intolerance, radical indoctrination, and hatred.

On my college campus, the groups exercising overt racial epitaphs, racial intimidation, hostility, and division were not the Ku Klux Klan and the White Aryan Resistance, but the Black Student Alliance, MEChA, and a catch-all minority and Liberal white student group called the Progressive Revolutionary Alliance. My identity as a Conservative white male and my status as a student organization leader, student senator, and colle- giate newspaper columnist guaranteed me and my political allies a healthy helping of the brotherly love fostered by such inclusive racial organizations.

In the end, America, as a nation, culture and society, must come to the same conclusions. First and foremost, we should look to the future and not dwell in the past. There should be agreement across all ethnic and racial lines to strengthen our nation, while valuing its foundations and traditions. We should seek to improve our civilization, not dismantle it. Common sense dictates that success, hard work, and good grades should be encouraged and rewarded, not ridiculed as acting “white.” Pouting in the corner or playing the blame game will not overcome the racism of the past and the prejudices of the present. To suc- ceed in the modern age, one must learn the common language of the American nation, reject ethnic and racial tribalism, sever ties with the mentality of the welfare state, cast off the oppression of the ideology of victimization, and build upon the fundamental principles of liberty, while seizing the opportunities of the American dream.

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David Huntwork is a Conservative activist and freelance columnist in northern Colorado, where he lives with his wife and three young daughters. He strongly believes in the im- portance of Faith, Family, and Freedom as the formula of success for a good life and a healthy nation. You may view his bio and past columns at:

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October 3, 2003


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