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By Christopher G. Adamo

FULL STORY:   Among those who understand the true nature of terrorism, and the grim reality that force is the only workable manner of confronting it, Spain’s total electoral capitulation in the wake of last week’s bombings could only be construed as an abysmal reward to the terrorists. Widespread criticism of Spain’s reaction was swift and severe, rightly asserting that the most significant result of the elections will be an increase in the intensity of terrorist activity, with terrorist hopes of altering internal politics of entire nations through fear and intimidation having been validated.

Unfortunately, this latest ploy appears to be gaining momentum elsewhere in the world. Australian Opposition Party leader Mark Lathan, as part of his bid to oust Conservative Prime Minister John Howard, has announced that, if elected, he will pull Australia’s troops from Iraq. Clearly Lathan perceives this to have been a winning strategy for Spain’s Leftwing partisans. Perhaps Lathan will “benefit” from an attack on his own country similar to the cataclysmic bombings in Madrid. Can anyone doubt that his rhetoric, coming as it does on the eve of Australia’s elections, only enhances the chance of such an event?

Such a response to terrorist acts has long been considered beyond the realm of reality among official circles in the United States of America, as well as in other strongholds of Western Civilization. On the contrary, electoral capitulation as a response to Jihadist acts of terror can happen in the West, and did happen in Spain, a Western nation-state. Such a response is one the surest of ways to guarantee further efforts by the terrorists to interfere with the direction of sovereign nations, thus compromising their autonomy and ultimately making them pliable to the wishes of the terrorists .

Oddly enough, when Israel undertakes decisive retaliatory action to secure the safety of its own homeland, it is widely condemned throughout the world. Such was the case this past week, when its forces targeted and killed Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, founder of the Palestinian terrorist organization, Hamas. Worst of all, some criticism, albeit in muted tones, has even been voiced by American officials.

In response, Hamas has vowed “open war” against Israel, as if this constitutes some new and more belligerent stance on their part. One has to wonder to what degree such a declaration differs with the purpose and activities of Hamas and its accomplices last week, or for that matter, during any week throughout the last five decades. Somehow, threats of new and violent attacks against the Jewish state come as no great surprise, at least not from among those who live there.

Yet, among U.S. government officials, things are apparently different. White House Press Secretary, Scott McClellan, claimed the U.S.A. to be “deeply troubled by the incident in Gaza,” and warned both parties to employ “restraint,” presumably to keep from further inflaming tensions in the region. Such a statement begs the question of just how serene and stable McClellan, or the administration officials on whose behalf he spoke, perceived things to be at the time of last week’s terrorist bombing that killed ten Israeli citizens, or during any of the more than a hundred similar incidents in the past four years alone.

Predictably, the response among Palestinians has been a massive display of anger and outrage. In public demonstrations oddly reminiscent of those spontaneous and jubilant celebrations of 9-11, they poured into the streets of Gaza by the thousands. Elsewhere on the world scene, the event is being almost universally portrayed as an unprovoked and virulent act on the part of Israel against an apparently undeserving target, which can only result in heightened animosities throughout the region.

Prominent Palestinian spokesmen have made no attempt to hide their conviction that the United States should ultimately be held responsible. On the forefront of the Islamist movement within the United States, the “Council on American Islamic Relations” (CAIR) has publicly condemned Israel, characterizing its action as “wanton violence” against Yassin, to whom it refers as a “wheelchair-bound Palestinian Muslim religious leader.” But despite transparent efforts of Yassin’s worldwide supporters to portray him as merely an elderly cleric, the fact remains that, like Osama bin Laden, he was at the forefront of innumerable past violent actions costing hundreds of lives.

Europeans may, for the present, still bask in the illusion that sufficient attempts at appeasement might spare them from being further targeted, but Israelis understand this as the route to total annihilation. Unlike the pacifists of Europe, Israel’s population has witnessed enough innocent blood being spilled in their streets to know that no such option exists.


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Christopher G. Adamo is a freelance writer who lives in southeastern Wyoming and works in the field of industrial instrumentation. He is actively involved in Wyoming's political process, serving as a delegate to successive Wyoming State Republican Conventions and as a member of the Wyoming State Republican Central Committee. He has assisted Republican candidates for local and state legislatures and for the United States Congress. His articles, which appear regularly in The Progressive Conservative, U.S.A., and on a number of other websites, reflect a major concern with the damage being done to Conservatism and Conservative causes by the Liberal Leftist faction in the Republican Party as well as by the much larger and more powerful Liberal Leftist faction in the Democratic Party. During the early and middle 1990s, Adamo was Editor of the Wyoming Christian Coalition's official news organ, The Wyoming Christian.

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