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Volume VI, Issue # 172, August 3, 2004
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By Thomas S. Winter

FULL STORY:   Bombs explode on the eve of a national election. A government falls. The new Liberal, Left-leaning leadership promises to seek peace at any price. Terrorists vow to end the attacks, as long as the new regime "cooperates."

Madrid, 2004? No. This time terrorists target U.S. cities in early November, 2004, and panicked voters throw the presidential election to John F. Kerry, to the cheers of gloating, bloodthirsty terrorists everywhere.

The tragic scenario continues.

Hundreds of television cameras zoom in as the new U.S. President, returning from an "international peace conference" in Paris, steps to the bank of microphones at Andrews Air Force Base.

In his deep, sonorous voice, President John F. Kerry, flanked by Kofi Annan and Jacques Chirac, utters these fateful words:

    "My fellow Americans, go home and sleep well. I return from Paris, having successfully negotiated with al-Qa'ida leaders. There will be no more bombings. All U.S. troops in Iraq are now under United Nations command. I have won peace for our troubled era."

Could it happen? Would President Kerry lead the free world to a second Munich?

As Editor-in-Chief of Human Events, I've been covering issues of war and peace for more than 40 years. I don't scare easily. Yet, I don't know when I've read anything more chilling than Reckless Disregard: How Liberal Democrats Undermine Our Military, Endanger Our Soldiers, and Jeopardize Our National Security (Washington: Regnery, 2004; 272 pages; $27.95) -- the powerful new book by Lieutenant Colonel Robert "Buzz" Patterson, the decorated U.S. Air Force officer and pilot who carried the nuclear codes -- America's nuclear strike capabilities -- for President Bill Clinton.

During his years at the side of a Liberal President, Lieutenant Colonel Patterson saw "up close and personal" precisely why Democrats cannot be trusted with America's national security. You may have read his first book, Dereliction of Duty: The Eyewitness Account of How Bill Clinton Compromised America's National Security (Washington: Regnery, 2003; 218 pages; $27.95).

In Reckless Disregatd, Lt. Col. Patterson answers a profoundly important question: How did the patriotic party of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Harry S. Truman, John Fitzgerald. Kennedy, and Henry "Scoop" Jackson devolve into the military loathing, appeasement oriented "Carter-Clinton-Kerry" party of today -- a party that often seems to be still debating whether or not the killers who murdered 3,000 New Yorkers on September 11, 2001 are really the bad guys, a party that desires the White House more than victory over terrorism?

To quote Lt. Col. Patterson:

    "Can there be any doubt that terrorists in Iraq, Iran, Syria, and every other spider hole in Middle East are praying for a Kerry victory?"

In Reckless Disregard, Lt. Col. Patterson reveals:

    How antiwar Leftists, such as Frank Church, Ted Kennedy, Bill and Hillary Clinton and John Kerry, hijacked the Democratic Party, and then used their political power to emasculate our intelligence services and weaken our military.

    Why John Kerry is a "Trojan horse" of the political Left -- a military veteran who is the perfect embodiment of the "hate-the-military" Democrate, a political party that simply can no longer be trusted to defend America.

    Hushed-up truth: As he attacks George Bush for his National Guard service, Kerry covers up how he tried to dodge the draft by pleading to be allowed to continue his student deferment -- in France.

    How, right from the start, Kerry saw Vietnam duty as a springboard for political success, putting in for a Purple Heart a mere 24 hours after he arrived, even though his unit had not taken fire, and then using a little-known loophole to get transferred out of Vietnam after only four months!

    Kerry's "Silver Star" home movie! Kerry chases and shoots a wounded soldier, in violation of the Geneva Convention policy on wounded adversaries, and then makes his crew return to reenact the scene and film it with Kerry's Super 8 milimeter camera!

    What Kerry's own commanding officer and mates say about his penchant for demanding Purple Hearts for "wounds" other men treated with bandaids, "wounds" which some say may have been self-inflicted.

    In an act of possible treason, Kerry meets with the North Vietnamese enemy in Paris, just months after leaving the U.S. Navy, and long before the end of the war.

    Eyewitness accounts: Kerry's speeches used as a propaganda tool by the enemy; American POWs beaten and tortured as Kerry's antiwar statements are thrown in their faces.

The important stories in Reckless Disregard just keep coming: How Jimmy Carter's policies encouraged the Islamic fundamentalist terrorism that plagues the Free World today; How Bill Clinton crippled U.S. national security; Why Richard Clarke, the architect of the failed "law enforcement approach" to fighting terrorism, should be ignored.

Reckless Disregard is really two shocking books in one. It is the story of a major political party that seems willing to abandon America to its enemies. It is also the saga of an ambitious, ruthless political opportunist and Democratic Party leader, John Kerry, who could become the most dangerously Leftwing, anti-defense president in American history.

If one likes inside intelligence and exposure of hushed-up secrets, he or she will be fascinated by what is revealed in Reckless Disregard.

Reckless Disregard is not just a book. It is an indictment by a military insider of a Democratic Party that has been hijacked by the antiwar Left and is all but certain to appease global terrorism at the first opportunity!

American Politics & Political Competition

American Government & the U.S. Presidency

Thomas S. Winter is President and Editor-in-Chief of Human Events: The National Conservative Weekly.

Now retired from the U.S. Air Force, Lt. Col. Robert Patterson's twenty years of active military service with distinction included tours of duty as a pilot during U.S. combat operations in Grenada, Somalia, Rwanda, Haiti, and Bosnia-Herzegovina. He was the Senior Military Aide to President Bill Clinton from May, 1996, to May, 1998, and, in that capacity, was responsible for the President's Emergency Satchel, the bag which contains the codes for launching nuclear weapons and which accompanies the President at all times. Lt. Col. Patterson received the Defense Superior Service Medal, the Air Force Air Medal, and many other military commendations. Currently pursuing a career as a writer and commentator, he is a frequent guest on radio and television talk the U.S.A.

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