An Online Journal of Political Commentary & Analysis

Dr. Almon Leroy Way, Jr., Editor

Conservative & Free-Market Analysis of Government, Politics & Public Policy, Covering Political, Legal, Constitutional, Economic, Cultural, Military, International, Strategic, & Geopolitical Issues


The Progressive Conservative--An Online Journal of Political Commentary & Analysis, formerly titled Way's Commentary--An Occasional Newsletter from the Old Professor, presents discussion and analysis of important issues and problems currently facing the United States of America as a politically organized society and sovereign nation-state. These public issues and problems relate to politics, government, law and public policy, including matters of American national security and foreign policy as well as matters of domestic policy.

My objectives in producing and publishing the journal/newsletter are educational and non- commercial. They are political only in the sense of the wish to share with others my observation and analysis of various aspects of political phenomena, e.g., the nature and operation of government, the relationship between government and law, controversy over issues of public policy, and competition and conflict between opposing political forces. While I do have partisan and philosophical political leanings, I do not regard myself as being dogmatically partisan or rigidly adhering to a political ideology. Each of America's two major political parties has its own particular blind spots as well as its own particular insights. Dogmatic partisanship or rigid adherence to a political ideology (i.e., a set of political dogmas, or doctrines) tends to blind a person and impede his or her search for the truth. Therefore, I try to avoid taking inflexible, dogmatic positions on politically controversial issues. While I do take rather strong stands on many issues, my opinions are always subject to revision, in the light of new evidence.

I have been sending the journal (under the name Way's Commentary) via email to interested persons and organizations. Since the journal is now being posted on the internet, I have phased out the email version.


Political Philosophy; Public Law; Public Policy;

Society, Community, Government, & the Individual;

Constitutional Law; Constitutional History;

The Constitution & Governmental Power;

The Constitution & the Rule of Law;

The Constitution & Liberty under Law;

Politics, Judeo-Christian Morality, & Human Nature;

Political Processes, Issues, & Controversies;

Political Parties, PACs, & Interest Groups;

The Public Interest & Individual Rights;

Government Spending, Taxation, & the Economy;

The Family & Traditional Cultural Values;

Education, Youth, & America's Future;

Geopolitics, Military Affairs, Foreign Policy
National Security, & International Relations

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