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March 19, 2003

Please Join All Proud, Loyal, and True Americans By Signing This Petition To Boycott The Academy Awards. Once & For All, Shut Up The Anti-American Celebrities By Sending A Clear Message!
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Boycott the Academy Awards!

It's a sign of sick society that America gives so much credence to celebrities, and it's time to turn the tides. No matter how you cut it, celebrities get a disproportionate amount of air time for their media attention-grabbing political views as compared to the rest of America, and we're all getting a little burned out on the pundits from the People's Repub- lic of Hollywood. They are the minority, yet they have the air time.

The silent but strong majority must speak out with it's remote controls. We must not al- low this self-serving entertainment industry to use a TV forum to discount our troops in the Middle East that lay their lives on the line for the liberty and security of the Untied States of America. If you've got cable or satellite, feel free to tune into the 100 other channels of entertainment on the TV. We should be watching Fox News in protest.

No doubt, by the time the Academy Awards are over, we will have lots of sound bites and short clips of entertainers pushing their 'not-beyond-an-8th-grade-education'  views on America. We must move them all to France, they deserve each other. We must not con- tribute to this circus by giving any network broadcasting the Academy Awards our view- ership.

Sheryl Crow, a troubled singer and self-consumed peace poser, does not have the intel- ligence, wisdom, or experience to warrant any amount of television time. Nor do any of the other entertainers who believe that their opinions are somehow more important than those of us who work for a living, and have to resort to commenting on websites.

We must all listen to the horrific rhetoric of Susan Sarandon, Sean Penn, Martin Sheen, The Dixie Chicks, Ebonic Speaking Rappers, and Rob name a few. As they see it, years of being entertainers make them far more qualified to have opinions on world affairs than the rest of us. They see themselves as deserving the extra press at- tention they get, based on their being members of the entertainment industry. From their perspective, the rest of us should shut up until we get speaking/singing parts and join the Screen Actors Guild.


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