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Volume IV, Issue # 35, April 8, 2002
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By Al Benson, Jr.

Well, we knew it had to come sooner or later. The first of what will probably be be many slavery reparations shakedowns is finally at hand. A "black activist," Deadria Farmer-Paellmann, has finally launched the initial lawsuit. Ms. Farmer-Paellmann is suing three large U,S, companies--Aetna Inc., CSX Corporation, and FleetBoston Financial Corporation. These firms supposedly all profited from the slave trade, sometime between 1619 and 1865.

According to an article in Reuters: "Plaintiff attorneys said the suit was the first class-action suit seeking slavery compensation from U.S. companies and said 12 other companies would be getting letters in the coming days requesting a dialogue on a settlement. The other companies were not named." In other words, if you're willing to pay your extortion money on the side, it may not cost you as much as going to court would. Supposedly, Ms. Farmer-Paellmann went to law school with the goal of being able to sue someone for something that hasn't taken place in this country for 150 years. It must take a lot of ingrained hatred to go to school for something like that.

Apparently, this woman is not afraid or ashamed to bite the hand that has fed her. An Associated Press dispatch noted that 60 companies had supplied her with research material showing how they had contributed to the slavery problem. Presumably, at least some of these will be given an opportunity to "settle" out of court.

If any of these suits are won by the reparations advocates, supposedly the extortion money collected will be put into some kind of a fund to improve the lot of blacks. If such happens, how long will it be before we hear of "improprieties" in the use of the funds? It's all so interesting. We're got to pay out extortion money to make things easier for "oppressed" blacks. We're got to pay out all manner of welfare payments to feed, clothe, house, and educate the illegal aliens that pour across our borders, and on and on it goes. I wonder who's going to pay up when whitey runs out of cash. Everybody under the sun has got his hands in the pockets and wallets of middle-class white Americans. Supposedly, we owe the world for all its problems and misfortunes. It's all America's fault, don't you know?

It's worthy of note that only about eight to ten percent of the slaves ever taken in the slave trade over all the years ended up in North America. The rest wound up in the West Indies, South and Central America and the Islamic Middle East, where conditions were infinitely worse than what most slaves had to deal with in North America. Are any companies in the West Indies or Latin America being sued? Or are the shakedown artists clever enough to know there's no extra money to be had in these places if they won a lawsuit there? So they plan to strike the U.S.A., where they figure the cash cow is the fattest. (of course, they could sue the royal family and government of Saudi Arabia and try to get some of that oil money.)

The lawsuit states: "The practice of slavery constituted an immoral and inhumane deprivation of Africans' life, liberty, citizenship rights, cultural heritage and it further deprived them of the fruits of their own labor." Let's be honest. How many blacks born and raised in the United States would want to go over and take up residence in the Socialist cesspool that encompasses most of Africa today? Don't all stand up and raise your hands at once!

To read some of this propaganda, you would think that the blacks were the only people on the face of the earth ever to suffer under slavery or cultural deprivation. In fact, most races of people, whites included, have suffered under slavery in some form throughout human history. Slavery, whether anyone likes it or not, has been a way of life--and still is in African countries like the Sudan, where Muslims regularly kidnap and enslave blacks today. No lawsuit against the Muslim government in Khartoum? How come? These people are, right today, engaged in the slave trade the reparations folks condemn us for having had part in over 150 years ago. But then, the current problem isn't part of the agenda, is it?

I've asked some of these questions before, but they need to be asked again--and again. What about blacks and American Indians who owned slaves? What about the black African tribal chiefs that kidnapped and sold other blacks to white slave traders? Do they get a pass because they were black? Are these people, or their descendants, subject to the reparations scam like the whites? No one has ever answered these questions. That's why I keep on asking.

Some of my Scottish ancestors suffered cultural deprivation at the hands of the English, and it went on for centuries, long before there was slavery in America. They were forbidden to partake of anything having to do with their culture while the English sought to "anglicize" them. Many of them lost their land and homes in the infamous "Highland Clearances" that took place in the 1800s--else I might not be here, the same as the descendents of the slaves. The Scots were shoved out so sheep could be grazed on their land. They left home with what they could carry on their backs, and what they couldn't carry was confiscated or destroyed. Please tell me who I sue? My Scottish ancestors, as well as many other people of Scottish blood, and the Irish as well, suffered at the hands of the English. When will someone set up a special fund for disfranchised Celtic peoples somewhere so we can get what we have coming? Don't hold your breath! We are expected to be the mainstay of those doing the paying to everyone else.

If the "black activists" are successful with their asinine reparations lawsuits (and knowing the makeup of some of our courts and the character and political ideologies of some of our contemporary judges, anything is possible), do you honestly think the black ambulance-chasing shysters will stop with three or four, or a dozen big companies? I tell you, if they win a lawsuit against Aetna, I'd hate to be insured by that company and see where my premiums would go--right through the roof! Does anyone honestly think that, if these lawsuits are successful, all the companies will pay up and bite the bullet? They will pass along what they paid out in reparations to their customers. So, everyone will eventually end up paying reparations, either directly or indirectly.

The reparations scam will do nothing but cause race relations in this country to further deteriorate. Eventually, many whites will finally get fed up with paying all the bills for the world's "minorities." It may take awhile, but it will eventually happen. Even those with public school educations will eventually wake up and realize that they are being taken for a ride and they won't like it!

Get ready for the mother of all voter backlashes!

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March 28, 2002

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